Amika Tourmaline Clip-Free Curler

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The Amika Clip-Free Curler has a 13 mm tourmaline barrel that easily creates silky, smooth curls.


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United States
Apr 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Omg Effortless Curls!!
My AMIKA clip-fee curler just arrived in the mail today 4/15/2010, I opened the package rushed to plug it in and began curling my hair and let me tell you this curler is one of the best products on the market!! You must wear the FREE Included ?جø¬?heat resistant?جø¬? glove to protect your fingers from getting burned for sure. I am literally able to create a curl in 2-3 SECONDS you heard me SECONDS! I was skeptical about purchasing this product b/c it does not disclose how hot the tool actually gets and I was not sure how it would take to my hair type cross between Caucasian and AA and let me tell you I am so very IMPRESSED with this clip-free curler that I could not allow a day to go by without writing this review. If you are considering purchasing this curler the $107.00 price tag is WELL WORTH IT please do not think twice about it!! You can create tight curls, loose wavy curls, spiral curls in seconds!! Glad I invested in this product and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE can't wait to tell all my family and friends about this! IF you are seeking healthy, bouncy, shiny curls look no further this is the curler for you. I finally found what I have been looking for!! Thanks Amika for this OWESOME TECHNOLOGY!! I would suggest developing other sizes for those with longer hair as mine is shoulder length and the use of the tool is EFFORTLESS!! GREAT BUY!!
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Mar 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
It Does What It Says It'll Do...its Amazing!
after reading everybodyelses reviews I decided to order it n I am sooooo happy I did...i would have paid more $$$$...if u feel it's too expensive trust me after getting it n seeing for urself the curls it gives'll say it's worth more than what u paid...Im just very happy, u can do so many different kind of curls w this n u dont have to hold it forever to get tight curls, it curls ur hair really fast n they look fabulous! n it last a curls looked the same the next day! after getting up from bed... I couldnt believe it,its just amazing! ...also I know that there were a few people complaining about burning themselves w it...seriously, seriously...just put on the glove! it's not hard to just put it on. I would absolutely recommend this to whomever wants curls of their dreams! =]
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Atlanta, GA
Mar 11, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Product
Oh my Gosh!! When I used this. So Hot and so neat makes your work look like a professional. As a professional stylist this product allow me to create great styles in a timly manner. I plan on buying more in different sizes.
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Clifton, NJ
Feb 16, 2010
4 Star Rating
Love It!!
I looove it, the only thing is that takes long to get your curls done cuz if u take a lot of hair it wont work, u have to do it little by little, but its amazing the curls u'll get, and also have to be careful because, of course, its gonna get really hot
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Feb 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Everygurl Gota Have It =)
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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Jan 14, 2010
5 Star Rating
Clipless Is The Ticket!
I have very long, straight dark hair, and everytime I would use a regular curling iron, I would get ridges at the crown from the "clip"! I could never master how to eliminate this problem, and using my flatiron to curl didn't work either. I bought this Amika (in pink, heehee!), and I LOVE IT! The curls last forever too, I didn't even use any hairspray (just a pre-blowdry UV protectant cream)! It does take some mastering with the glove, but hang in there! TOTALLY WORTH IT! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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Jan 5, 2010
4 Star Rating
This Curling Iron is amazing!! The only thing is its hot, I hate when ppl complain, you already know its going to be hot and its without a clip so if you dont know how to do it,dont buy it!! use slowly and hold carefuly :)ENJOY
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Dec 25, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Best!
My friend bought this and from the first time I used it i fell in love with it. I have incredibly straight hair and this is the only hair tool I have ever used that does not make my hair lose the curl at all, like the other reviews I have burned myself on it but that is only because i was not wearing the glove which is my own fault the product itself does exactly what it claims to do and fast!! I have never curled my hair so fast and efficiently before it is by far my favorite hair styling tool! i recommend it to anyone who has trouble with holding curls as i do and wants to have them fast and perfect!
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Dec 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
I Love It!!
This curler is just amazing!!!!!! I agree with everyone on the part that it burns at da beginning but i honestly never wore the Amika Gloves but then after 2 uses its totally fine I simply love it.. you absolutely don't need any hair products u can rather use the curler on natural hair or straight the hair and use it it gives both amazing results you dont need to use hair spray after nothing its just perfect and this is one of the first curler that gets the curls so natural and last till u wash it its beautiful. I did my whole hair for the first time everyone at work and everyone complemented me and this is after trying out so many curlers i was satisfied!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!
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Etobicoke, Canada
Dec 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
Absolutely Worth The Money!
My bf got me this as a birthday gift and I love it. This curler fits its description its perfect i love it! long lasting natural curls its simply worth the money. Works much better other curlers.
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