Amika Digital Titanium Pro Curler

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The Amika Digital Titanium Pro Curler creates the perfect curl without the tugging and pulling.


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Sofie M.
United States
Feb 27, 2014
2 Star Rating
So Disappointed! Had High Expectations!
I already own the Amika Digital Titanium Pro Curler in the Clipless version and I love it! So I splurged on this one because I needed a clip version that would give me bigger curls (I got the 1.25 inch). I like the lightweight design of this, but the clamp was not flush to the curling rod so my hair would fall out no matter how hard I tried! It was so frustrating! I even tried curling bigger chunks of hair but at the ends, the clamp was just too far from the curler and my hair would come loose. It was impossible for me to get any use out of this. It does not hold your hair clamped down at all! I'm so disappointed because I expected great results from this brand!! I am returning it.
Jerilyn L.
Mount Olive, NC
Jan 13, 2014
2 Star Rating
Just Didn't Do It For Me
I'm not having any luck with curling irons these days. I've been using a Conair tourmaline-ceramic curling iron for a couple of years, and it works okay. But it's just OKAY, nothing extra. And I didn't realize how much better it COULD be until I bought a CHI Deep Brilliance titanium flat iron, which works magic on my hair. The problem is that I seldom use it because I normally flip my hair up, and I get a much better result with a curling iron. So I've been on a quest to find the perfect titanium curling iron, with no luck so far. I tried the CHI ceramic curling iron, but it had such a drag on it that I returned it. I was hoping the Amika titanium would do the trick, but the spring on the clamp is SO tight that it almost pulls my hair out with every curl. And frankly, I couldn't tell any difference in my hair from using my Conair. It's not worth the money (or hair loss) in my opinion.
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Carrie F.
Dec 29, 2013
5 Star Rating
A great iron with a clip that makes very long lasting curls that shine!
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