AbsolutHEAT Elite Professional Series Digital Curling Iron

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The AbsolutHEAT Elite Professional Series Digital Curling Irons ensure accurate and consistent heat transfer, breaking the hydrogen bond within the hair follicle to create long-lasting results, every time.


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Jun 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Really loving this curling iron. I love that it has a bigger barrel than most other irons. Also, it pulls through the hair so smoothly and doesn't snag at all. My curls look like a stylist curled my hair and they lasted all day!
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Dani L.
United States
Jun 7, 2013
1 Star Rating
I Really Wanted This Iron To Work
I really wanted this curling iron to work - I ordered the 38 mm. since I needed a replacement for my 1 3/4" curling iron. The first iron that I received seemed to work fine and gave me the wavy curls I was looking for until I turned it off. When I pushed the button to turn the iron off, the button pushed too far in, resulting in not being able to turn the iron on without unplugging it. Once I unplugged it, I could not get the iron back on. I was hoping that it was just a fluke and I called Folica.com and was able to exchange it for another one. The second one I received did not have any issues with the buttons, but the spring was not tight enough, so I had to hold the handle in order to get the clamp to hold my hair. The top portion of my hair is straight and underneath it is wavy. I was able to curl the hair underneath, but the hair on top was too slippery and slipped right through the clamp. The iron also had issues maintaining its' heat. I had it set to 400 F, but whenever I curled my hair the temperature would go down to 376 or so. I ended up returning the second one to Folica.com also. Thinking about getting a Chi instead...
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Ft. Lauderdale
Apr 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
Buy One,two Or Three!!!!
I just bought this for my 17 year. old for her birthday, (medium size) now there is a struggle in the mornings between her and her sister over taking turns using this curling iron. My girls love it so I am ordering one for my 20 yr. old and myself. Since the price and quality are right we will now have 3 in the house so no more early morning melt downs. I am ordering the different sizes so we can share and get different looks.

I highly recommend this curling iron, since I am not so good with my own hair this is so easy to use and keeps my hair softly curled all day. If I can make my own hair look this good anyone can. It's the curling iron not me I can assure you. Not to mention it comes with a lifetime warranty, the box is beautfiul, so perfect for gift giving. I can't say enough about this tool, I highly reccomend it.
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Downers Grove IL
Apr 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
Totally Love!!!!
I just got this curling iron and OMG!!! I ordered the biggest barrel since I have a lot of hair and I love my soft curls and waves I am able to do (myself). It looks like my stylist justnfinished my hair. The price is right, lifetime warranty and it works better than any other curling iron I have ever used. That said I highly recommend this no matter what size is best for your hair hair type.
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