Valera Swiss Nano Dryer Diffuser

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Create volume and a variety of styles with the Valera Swiss Nano Dryer Diffuser specifically made for the Valera Swiss Nano dryer.


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Oct 23, 2013
4 Star Rating
Love The Dryer.
I bought the smaller red Valera in Germany as I travel quite often to Europe and didn't want to deal with the issue of watts, plug etc. The dryer has a large barrel and doesn't quite fit my hot sock though I make it fit :-). I was happy to see that it had its own diffuser as there are none that fit it. It is smaller than a normal size one but not that small. I have short hair so it works great.

Maybe the prior reviewer should have purchased the larger Valera with the long barrel which fits a variety of diffusers. (This is a very light dryer, unlike the smaller dryer mentioned above) I bought this one recently to use in the US and am using my babylis portofino diffuser with it.

What's also nice is that this diffuser has small holes unlike many of the cheaper diffusers that blow your hair all over as if it wasn't there.

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Chicago, IL
Dec 5, 2012
1 Star Rating
Seriously. Seriously? I Mean, Seriously....
I'm gonna go ahead and assume that either this diffuser was designed by men who have no experience with hair, or women that have neither long nor even remotely wavy hair thus never needing to use this cruel joke of a diffuser. It's sad bc i love the Valero. The whole reason i set out to replace my old blow dryer in the first place was so that i could by one with a diffuser. This diffuser is teeny tiny and cup/bowl thingy is like 1/4 an inch deep (okay so that's an exaggeration but it's VERY shallow and the diameter of the diffuser is very small!). But what ISN'T an exaggeration is the fact that whenever i use it (and yes i still do bc i missed the window of opportunity to return it and i sort of refuse to replace the blow dryer bc i love it) is the fact that bc only such a small (and i mean small) amount of your hair can fit in the cup of the diffuser at a time, the hair that surrounds it easily can get sucked up and stuck in the blow dryer! My hair like bust length but since both the blow dryer and diffuser are pretty small, it can easily happen if your hair is shorter than mine. Bottom line....EPIC FAIL Valero. Had the opportunity to make your stellar product even more stellar with an amazing diffuser and what a huge disappointment. Had i known then what i know now, i would have bought a different blow dryer that at least would have allowed me to use a quasi decent diffuser.
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