Amika Styler Cleaning Kit

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
The Amika Styler Cleaning Kit was designed specifically to care for Amika styler products.


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Diana D.
San Antonio, Texas
Apr 29, 2011
4 Star Rating
Good, But Not Worth The $$
The product itself has been very useful to me. I use it to clean my Amika True Tattoo Clipless Curling Iron, and my Sedu Revolution Straightener. Every time I use my hair tools, I always seem to leave some oil and residue. When I don't clean it after a while, it seems to get some build up.

One quick spray and swipe after it cools off with this cleaning product, and the residue is gone. Product is left like new (:
The cloths are very good with picking up anything that might be on the hair tools, and over all does an awesome job on it.
The product itself should have a 5***** rating, but I don't think the price fits it enough.

But over all, great cleaning aid.
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Jun 21, 2010
1 Star Rating
Window Cleaner Seems To Work Twice As Good...
This wasn't helpful for me at all.... Honestly I used window cleaner and even just alcohol before with much better results... Just my two cents!
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Apr 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
Good Product
Easy to use, non-abrasive, come with two microfiber cloths thaqt make cleanup a cinch. Very little cleaner goes a long way to remove the residue on my Solia flat iron. very well priced too!
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Jan 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
So Far, So Good
I like this cleaner. I use it to clean my Sedu Revolution and I've had no problems. It doesn't smell at all and I like that it comes with two microfiber cloths so you don't have to worry about scratching the surface of your flat iron by using something else. I bought this because I was unable to find the Sedu styler cleaner on Folica. I thought about purchasing Dissolve but after hearing about the strong smell I decided that an alternative was in order. BTW The box says spray directly on the styling appliance but the directions on the bottle state the you are to spray on the CLOTH then wipe the appliance. I recommend spraying the cloth then using it to wipe the appliance as it's just better to be safe than sorry.
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