Gold 'N Hot Professional Ceramic Heater Stove

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Gold'N Hot Professional Ceramic Heater Stove accommodates any iron or comb in convenient adjustable rack.


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Nov 10, 2012
4 Star Rating
Great Stove...but Should Not Be Used By Amatures
Its a very good stove for a professional or experienced person who presses their own hair. It does not have temperature control. It gets your combs very hot. I've had this oven for about 3 years. I really love it. Never leave it unattended. Keep children and pets away from it. Make sure you use it on a safe surface. Make sure you unplug when done and allow it to completely cool before storing it. It gives my hair a perfect press every time. I have been pressing my hair since the 70s and it was a great change from using the cooking Stove...LOL. You really have to remove your combs at the right time to avoid burning you hair. Always test on a white towel and if it turns brown, wait a few seconds or a minute before pressing your hair. I use 2 combs at a time, so when I finish using 1 comb and place it back in the oven I am ready for the comb that is now warm. Once you get the hang of using it you'll be comfortable. Pressing with a pressing comb is a lost art. I prefer it because the flat irons don't press certain areas, such as near the temples, or ears. Good Luck. Go to youtube and watch videos on pressing hair with a pressing comb, there are some really good videos at youtube for hair pressing the old fashioned way.
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