Tweezerman Point Stainless Tweezers

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Precision for perfection in tweezing. This point tweezer is incredibly precise and will tweeze the smallest and finest hairs.


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North Carolina
May 9, 2011
4 Star Rating
Best Tweezer For Small Hairs
This is the second set of tweezers I have purchased of this brand and style. Love the tweezers and they are great for getting the smallest, finest hairs. This set did not seem to be made as well as the other set I bought years ago though. These are made of a much lighter material and I do not like them as well as my original set but they still get the job done.
Jan 11, 2008
5 Star Rating
Ive had these tweezers for over 15 years and still use them almost every day. They are worth every single penny and more!
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Sandra Chapman
Everett, WA
Aug 25, 2007
5 Star Rating
Nothing Can Hide
This grabs even the tiniest, shortest hairs. Ive never found anything more effective for detail work. Protect the tips. They may get bent if you drop the tweezers, though the warranty covers realignment--but you have to pay to mail it in. Great, great product. Highly recommend.
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New York NY
Dec 1, 2006
2 Star Rating
Not Great
The pointed tweezers are mediocre. However, the little freebie that came with it, flat tweezer is wonderful.
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North Ridgeville, Ohio
Jul 9, 2005
5 Star Rating
Perfect For Ingrown Hairs And Splinters
The Tweezerman point tweezer is a more specialized tool than the point-slant tweezer, which I also own. The point tweezer is best used to get to ingrown hairs, and I also found that they work very well to remove wood splinters. These tweezers are very sharp and must be used carefully so as to not damage the skin; it is best to hold them almost parallel to the skin and work slowly, especially when removing a splinter. Although I do not use this pair of tweezers often, I am glad to have them around when needed.
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