Sun Giese'e Instant Self Tanning Lotion

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Looks great on all skin types. Delivers a golden bronze tan in minutes. Color is instant and will intensify in three hours. Available in 4 levels tanning scale: light, medium, dark, and very dark.


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Jan 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Brozed Babe
I bought this product after I cancelled my tanning packages because I didn't want to have leather skin when I was older but I still wanted to be tan. This product was easy to use, had a pleasant smell, and did not make me look orange. It also dried relatively fast and did not get on my sheets or clothes. I would recommend using gloves for the application bc it will turn your hands an orange shade if you do not wash them thoroughly after use. I would also recommend applying the product one area at a time so make sure you don't leave some clumps. It really was fantastic and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a year round glow.
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Amber B.
Atlanta, GA
Aug 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
Buying For A Second Time--this Is A Must!
I can't say enough good things about this self-tanner. It looks natural and the color is amazing. I have a natural olive complexion, so I bought "dark"; unless you have very fair skin and have not had an ounce of sun "dark" should be perfect. The only minor downfall is the smell. It's not overbearing by any means, but there is a distinct smell to the tanner. I promise, the overall results outshine the smell and make this product a 5-star product all day long!
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Robert M.
West Jordan, Utah
Jul 20, 2013
4 Star Rating
Giesee Sun Medium Tint Self Tanning Lotion
First and only self tanner I've ever used. Read a bunch of reviews and this one product kept coming back over and over as a good deal for delivering what it says it does and for a very reasonable price. Turns out to be pretty much true. I'd recommend wearing disposable gloves when you apply it, because it will stain your palms an orange or rust color, and it does bleed a bit onto clothes and towels even after it has all night to set and through a few showers. But all in all, I'd definitely recommend it. I reapply it every third or fourth day to maintain the tone. Very good product for the price.
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Brianne S.
Fort Lewis Washington
Feb 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Absolutely The Best Self Tanner Out There
I live in Fort Lewis Washington right now, fortunately not for much longer, but if you have ever lived in Washington you know that it rains here about 80% of the whole year. I moved here from California and before that I was in Hawaii. Needless to say, I have lost a lot of color since I first moved out here in 2010. My mother used to body build when I was a teenager and I remember her using this because she said it looked a lot more natural than the paint on tans she used to use. It was a little on the expensive side since I usually pay about 8.99 for the sublime glow by loreal but I was in need of some serious help and the loreal was good, but I wanted something a little deeper and less sparkly. Long story short, it is totally worth the money everyone just thinks I am blessed with this natural tan, which I thought too, until I was Vitamin D3 depleted for so long lol. Totally in LOve with this product. Will always use it, even after I move back to Cali.
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Feb 14, 2013
4 Star Rating
Have it in dark and extra dark. I feel like extra dark is slightly darker but also more bronze where the dark is a little orangy. I like this product it gives a nice even tan that lasts for about 4 days on me. Its a little annoying to have to keep it on for hours but its worth it.
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Taylor H.
United States
Dec 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Self Tanner Ever
I love this self tanner and never plan on purchasing any other tanning product. There are zero streaks after application which I have consistently had issues with other products. Also there is no unpleasant scent lingering after you apply the lotion. Does not rub off easily or leave behind any residue/blotchy areas after showering. I highly suggest this product!
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Aug 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Won't Live With Out It
It is the best thing out there if you are looking for a tan, other than the sun!!! You are a beautiful golden color in one application. It does not was off your arms or legs, but comes right off your hands. I love it!!!
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Seattle WA
Jul 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
Only Review I've Ever Written
....Really. And I've used hundreds of products over the years - many of them sensational. Just never prompted me to go further than telling a friend or two about them. This product, on the other hand, deserves a billboard! I have used so many different self tanners I can't recall them all. For the past several years I've used Tan Towel (plus) and felt they were giving me the deepest, most layer-able, sun-bathed look next to the real, cancer causing deal. Not so! I read a few reviews on Folica about Sun (some very cautionary...). The good ones, from people committed to avoiding premature aging and skin cancer, said it had the most believable tan look they'd ever had. Wow, really? Me too! First - wear gloves when applying this product or you will be really, really sorry. There is absolutely no "tanner smell" with Sun. Actually, it smells really good! It comes out of the bottle looking like dark mud - not bronze lotion. Kinda freaky compared to everything else on the market. Smoothes onto your skin like sheer, barely-tinted lotion, though. A little goes a long way and you will have to actually rub it in. It doesn't just stick to your skin or absorb like a typical body lotion. The coloring of the lotion will help you to be sure that you cover all areas, though I found that having to really rub it inhelped ensure I got it all over (you have to keep spreading it around, so tend to cover all your territory, you know?) Some reviewers recommended applying before bed and wearing old PJ's to sleep - showering off residue in the AM. Good plan, but not necessary. I've applied it after an AM shower, did my hair, answered a few emails... after an hour I applied make-up got dressed (in white jeans!) and moved on. In 3-4 hours I have the most realistic tan EVER. Brown. Not orange in any way. I used Sun for the first time before I picked up my boyfriend of 2 years at the airport. Remember, he's seen Tan Towel results every day during those 2 years.... One of the first things he said to me was "you finally got some sun! Really sexy!" This product really is THATgood. It was worth my time to write.... I don't think I'll ever use anything else. BTW - I'm brown/blonde, an icky shade of white and still used the Dark version. It was fine for a nice deep tan - not scary dark at all. Good luck!
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Jul 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
A Quick Natural Looking Tan!
Let me preface my review by saying that I have bright red hair and VERY fair skin. Living in south Georgia, everyone expects you to be tan and it I read many reviews before I tried this product. This was the first self tanner I have ever used and I have had awesome results so far. The medium doesn't make my skin super dark, but gives me a nice glow and a definite shade to my skin. I exfoliated before and used gloves to apply the lotion. There are plenty of tips online to help with the application. Of the three times I have used it so far there has been no streaking at all. I would definitely recommend Sun Labs to my friends!

If you have a darker skin tone I would definitely go for the dark or super dark.
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Lisa S.
Jul 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Must Buy!
After researching the internet I finally decided to give this tanner a try. Almost every review Ive read about this product was good so I decided to splurge a little and give it a try. Ive probably purchased literally every over the counter self tanning products (gels/lotions/sprays) and this is BY FAR the best one. I used to use the beach body quick dry aerosol tanner which was good but I find this lotion lasts longer and goes on more evenly. The first time I used this I got freaked out because its VERY DARK and the consistency is not like a typical lotion..its a little more liquid. The first time I used it I rubbed it in too much and it started to get flaky and looked uneven. I washed it off then reapplied. MY TIPS for using this is to do small sections QUICKLY and not to rub it in too much. I rub it in for like 5 seconds then smooth it out with my hand to make sure its evenly covered. I hate wearing gloves with tanners So I wash my hands every time I finish a section. MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR HANDS if you do it like that. This product gives you an instant tint and it dries quickly. Make sure to scrub. This product doesnt smell like tanners either, its got a really nice cherry scent that I actually like. I put this on before bed then blow dry my body just to make sure its dry then go to sleep and wake up in the morning with a gorgeous tan. It lasts about 4 to 5 days. I apply it two days in a row because I prefer a darker tan. It looks natural and I get compliments all the time about it. I purchased 2 of the 8 fl oz. bottles andits been a month and im only half way through the first bottle. I will continue to purchase and reccommend this product to friends and family, WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY.
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