MAVALA Eye-Lite Double Lash

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From Switzerland, a nutritive treatment that lengthens and strengthens lashes, helps stimulate faster growth and protects them.


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Mar 11, 2010
4 Star Rating
Great-thickened My Eyelashess
I hv been using this for over a yr...for some reason when i first tried it..i didn't see any differences and started getting eyelash extensions...but after the eyelashes started falling off like i had to use some sort of eyelash growth/enhance thing. I started using this eye-lite again...and in about a month or two..? i noticed that my bottom lashes started growing ALOT well like 1mm/2mm? i didn't measure it..but i didnt have any bottom eyelashes b4..but i do now....and for my top eyelashes...the growth didn't seem as great...but it did thicken my eyelashes..tehres more volume now...overall i would say this worked for me
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Abbeville, LA
Jan 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Product!
I noticed that my lashes aren't falling out like they used to. They've gotten slightly darker and a teeny bit longer, but I'm bad about using things like this consistently, so I'm sure if I used it more, it'd be even better!
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North Augusta, SC USA
Jan 11, 2010
5 Star Rating
Maybe Its Just My Imagination.
I've been using this product for a month. I swear I can see new hair sprouts where I had bald spots on my lower lashes. My lashes don't seem to be falling out at the same rate.
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New York, NY
Nov 30, 2009
5 Star Rating
Noticable Difference
I am a proclaimed beauty product junkie and so it is needless to say I scurry around different websites searching for the best of anything and everything without the actual need. I have very pretty eye lashes, yet, seeing the customer reviews not only overwhelmed me, but drew me in completely. I honestly don't like to believe everything I see or hear, as I am a natural skeptic, but I do my research completely to confirm whether or not the product would be worth my time and money. Besides, who wouldn't want longer and prettier lashes to emphasize one's eyes. Now, to the main point. My first day, the application was easy and painless. It looks precisely as pictured and easy to use. During my third application, I began seeing new eye lash growth, but I kept myself from writing a review then because I didn't want to seem so unrealistic in a sense. I kept thinking to myself, 'results in 3 days?' By the end of the week, I really could see eye lash grow spurts, and hence, they were fuller. I have also noted growth, and if it weren't for the little eye lashes close by my nose, I probably wouldn't have been completely convinced. The upper eye lashes, closest to the nose were noticeably longer. It was incredible! I'm very VERY satisfied with the results of this product. On the other hand, I wonder whether the results caused by this product will only continue to produce fabulous lashes upon continuous use, or whether these are long lasting effects. Though I do realize that as one ages, the body also changes, but other than this (natural skepticism in me) I am both surprised and pleased by Mavala Double Lash.
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Oct 31, 2009
1 Star Rating
Does Not Work
I used for about 4 weeks, and have not noticed any difference.
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Sep 13, 2009
4 Star Rating
Surprisingly Works!
I am skeptical of many beauty products, claiming to do amazing things, such as making my thin, short eyelashes thicker. Well, let me tell you, I heard of this product in the Sky Mall magazine, my Ipod had died so I was flipping through the ridiculous products and useless things for sale in the Sky Mall catalog. Mavala Double Lash was one of them. I bought it from Sky Mall but with shipping it came out to $ 45! They were charing $35 for it, and FOLICA.COM is only charging $ 16.50 Not only did I see a difference in about a month in thickness and length, it is cheaper from here than Sky Mall. I only use La Mer on my face for skin care, and Dior and Chanel for cosmetics, But this eyelash stuff will be thrown into my nightly/daily routine!
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Boston, Ma
Aug 4, 2009
4 Star Rating
Great Product
Ive used this product on and off for over a week and I think it works pretty well. My eyelashes curl better and seem stronger.
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Christchurch, NZ
Jun 3, 2009
4 Star Rating
It Does Work !!
i had short lashes before. in just two weeks i can notice a difference in length and thickness. the shipping delviery was preety fast too. i think this product works best if you have used only a few products on your lashes before. but this product really does help with growth and thickness. good product , value for money..
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SFV, California
May 29, 2009
5 Star Rating
To start off with, my lashes were in pretty good shape prior to me using Double Lash, I have always just loved the way full, thick, dark lashes look, thus I gave this a try. I am very impressed with the results, this product actually delivers everything it promises! It definitely took a while for me to notice any change in the lenght, but now it just seems like they just keep growing! Plus new ones have sprouted, some in unsual spots, but hey more lashes, Im happy:)
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May 12, 2009
4 Star Rating
Seeing Some Growth
I have always had short eye lashes, as I have aged they have also become thin (not a good combination). I have been using this product for about 4 weeks now and I am seeing growth!!!! The funny thing is that my eye lashes are becoming longer in a very light color (my eye lashes have always been black) - however I am okay with it because I use mascara during the day, now with longer lashes. For me it did not happen over night, so I say "hang on" and I think you will see results.
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