Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

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Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System is a revolutionary shower system that purifies your shower water so that hair and skin are able to thrive with renewed health and vibrancy.


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Melissa A.
Miami, FL
Apr 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
It Works! Great For Sensitive, Dry Skin And Hair
I live in FL and completely agree with the other reviewer from FL - the water is very very hard. I have been using this system since Jonathan was on the reality show and originally introduced the shower filter.

My skin and hair are extremely dry. My skin is also sensitive. The filter makes a difference in how my hair and skin looks and feels. I have less skin irritation and my hair care products work better. If I ever forget how effective it is, I am reminded as soon as I shower in our guest shower which doesn't have the system.

The only slight critiques I can offer is that I wish there were more settings for the water flow. I also heard a critique from a friend that the water pressure was slightly lower after it was installed. I love strong water pressure, and I do not notice a difference. I noticed this criticism in several reviews of a differed brand of filter and I do not consider it to be an issue with this system. If it is an issue, it is negligible. I wish it was less expensive, but I get about 4-5 months out each filter so it is reasonable. I also make my husband use a different shower head, otherwise it would need to be replaced every 3 months and that would be a little too expensive.

Although it is expensive- the shower system itself is durable. I bought it a several years ago when Jonathan's reality show aired and I still have the original system and have only purchased replacement filters.
Zidney D.
Nov 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Results
This rocks. After few showers everyday, I can feel that my skin is less dry, my hair less frizzy and soft. I usually go out with wet hair in the morning and let the air dry it out; my hair was manageable and softness last throughout the day. Even my husband notices his skin was even better, no more dry patches. Love it!
Teresa L.
Los Angeles
Oct 5, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Purchase Of The Year!!
I have dry, curly, color-treated hair that I usually wear straight. To get my locks straight, I always have to use a flat iron. This is extremely disappointing to my hairdresser and he always encourages me to blow-dry my hair straight with a round brush. But, alas, no matter how hard I try I cannot get my long hair through the brush and it just comes out all frizzy. So, I just blow dry it completely dry and then straighten with the harsh flat iron...soo damaging. Lately, my hair has been looking so damaged that even when it is freshly washed and styled, it still looks dirty. Thank goodness I decided to try this product from the reviews that were given...I had nothing to lose. First of all, my hair already felt better while I was in the shower. After applying my usual styling products, I was able to blow dry my hair straight with the round brush and it looked as if I had just stepped out of the salon and so amazingly soft!! I am excited beyond belief! The highlights in my hair look amazing as if I had just got them done more "dirty looking" hair!! Furthermore, due to having dry skin, my skin is always itchy after showering even after applying lotion. No more itchy skin and I was able to shave without using any creams...and without razor burns or cuts.....which seem to always happen regardless of product I use. Girls, all I can say is that if you value your skin and hair, this product is a must!!! I don't usually do product reviews but I am so ecstatic that I want to tell the world how great this product is!!!....For those who try it....hope you get the same amazing results I have and....Namaste!!
Feb 10, 2011
5 Star Rating
Healthy Hair And No Build Up On Shower Doors!
I have been looking at whole house water softeners for our home as we live in FL and the water is very very hard. The install was going to be expensive because of where the water main and water heater are located so, I put it off. While at Lowes, I saw a shower filter and bought it on impulse..maybe I could save myself the expense if I got a shower filter. My husband told me to bring it back because it wasn't brushed nickle. I went on line looking for a filter that would match. In my research, I found this filter. While it wasn't going to match our bathroom fixtures, I saw it was given an A+ rating from a different site. Most of the reviews were positive so that was winning me over.
I have been struggling with my hair being extremely dry since getting a "beach wave" in June of 2010. I loved the look but for some reason, it reeked havoc on my hair... I color and get highlights. My hairdresser said that it wasn't the color she was using. She has done many of these waves and only myself and one other client has had an issue with dry hair. I have spent hundreds of dollars on shampoos, conditioners and hair product without much luck. I looked like I was a "kitchen beautician" which is a look I absolutely can't stand! I was willing to cut off my shoulder length hair at my next appointment because I couldn't stand the dryness any longer. I decided to go ahead and get this unit even though it didn't match our bathroom...I didn't care what my husband thought..I needed my healthy hair back! Less time cleaning the shower woudl be a bonus.
I have been using this product for about 2 wks now and I was "over the moon" after my first shower...I used less product in the shower and, my hair was not dry. I don't know whether it was the chlorine, hardness or what, all I know is that this filter works...I've got my healthy hair back, my skin feels great and cleaning the shower is much easier. While it's a bit pricey, it's worth it's weight in gold to me!
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Dec 7, 2010
5 Star Rating
Loved It!!
I had been wanting to try this for soooo long, I'm very happy with the results.
Watch my video review below, I also reviewed a Denman paddle brush & some under eye strips as well. The Jonathan review is at the end of the video ; )
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