Conair True Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush

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Sonic technology powers the Conair True Glow Cleansing brush at 300 oscillations per second, literally shaking dirt and makeup from your pores.


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Joanne W.
Feb 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
A Real Find
This is one of those "I wish this had been around earlier" products. I'm 66, so my skin is more fragile than it used to be, and this product has been great for me. It is well made, includes three intensity levels and two brushes (one coarse, one fine) so you can choose the one that feels the best and works most effectively for your type of skin. The amounts of time allotted for each section of the face are just about right; I spend less time on my chin and a little more on my forehead because my forehead is oilier.

The beeping for the cycle changes is loud enough to hear over the sound of the shower, but not annoying.

It feels great, both while you're using it, and afterwards. I mostly use it in the shower, but it also works well over the sink (i.e. it doesn't splatter soap and water over the mirror, which I thought it might).

I've used this about two months and love it. The brush so far shows no sign of wear. The recharger is stable so the appliance stays in it. The charge lasts a very long time.

The only down side I know of is that the cost of replacement brushes is steep (about $15, even at Walmart), but it appears they don't need to be replaced every three months as the ad indicates.

Overall, an excellent product.
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