Tantowel Plus Full Body - 5 pack

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A revolution in self tanning, a natural looking tan with no orange streaks. tantowel Evolution Plus, a larger towelette for the total body self-tanning, is concentrated with a self-tan, formulated to give you a deeper darker tan with an even application for your entire body from head to toe. Odorless, colorless, no streaking and no fuss.


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Christeena Hamilton
Las Vegas, NV
Jun 24, 2008
5 Star Rating
Tantowel Plus For African Americans
I am a fair skinned African American woman. I use the TanTowel on my legs and to even out my complexion across my shoulders and back when I am wearing strapless dresses or summer attire. I love them. The full body towellettes are large enough for me to use, ziploc and reuse a few days later when my skin starts to exfoliate and the tan starts to fade. And even the fading looks natural. This is the best thing Ive ever tried and who would have thought that a Black woman would need to tan!?!Now some days when my skin is really dry I do have to use one whole towel because my body sucks up all of the moisture but as long as I use a little bit of lotion on my palms before and keep that soapy towel on the counter to clean up on when Im done applying the towel, I am good to go. No orange or jaundice look AT ALL. This is wonderful. I highly recommend TanTowel to anyone who is concerned about skin cancer and wanting to take good care of their body. They even have smaller towels in case you just need a quick retouch or to cover your thighs for a cute lil mini!
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New Jersey
Apr 26, 2006
2 Star Rating
Tan Towel
I brought the tan towel evolution plus, I dont think it work very well, after about 5 towels you see very little color. Will not buy again.
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