Mehaz Corn Planer Blades

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Made in Germany, from the highest quality materials, the long-lasting double-edged blades fit all standard corn planers.


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Jan 13, 2005
5 Star Rating
Diamancel Didn't Do It For Me
These are just the best! I use these with the Mehaz corn planer to slice away dead painful skin on my feet. I cannot stand to have thickened yellow dead skin that is obviously unattractive on my feet. These blades help me keep my feet smooth and pretty. The planer along with new blades everytime I decide I need a major peel(...which is about every 3 months!)keep my feet healthy appearing. The blades are packaged in mini boxes of 10 blades with 10 mini boxes in the main box. Each blade is wrapped neatly (think German percision here!) in a piece of paper. These blades are EXTREMELY sharp but are also user friendly. These should never be left out where young children could get ahold of them. Not recommended for diabetics either!!! I was scared to use them at first because I was afraid that I would cut myself too deeply. The planer prevents you from doing this and just takes very, very thin slices of dead skin off. Live skin is too pliable to make it slice off for the most part. I LOVE this tool!!!! I have two Diamancel sanders(#20 for sanding down after planing the skin and #11 for buffing it all up!) I use after planing. The Diamancels alone werent enough for my feet. It wasnt until I added the Mehaz planer to my pedicure rituals that my feet began looking super wonderful. I wont go to have a pedicure anymore since my own are simply much nicer!!!:) Buy these for a great pedicure!!!
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