Yellow-Out Clear Acrylic Top Coat

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Natural nail whitener and strengthener that takes the yellow out of nails.


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Washington, DC
Feb 7, 2006
4 Star Rating
White Out
I like this product because when my nails are yellow from using dark nail polish. Yellow Out makes them appear white and it also looks nice on top of light nail polish.
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Sep 24, 2005
2 Star Rating
The description of the product clearly states it is for acrylic and natural nails. If it is intended only for acrylic, the manufacturer should state so.
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Sep 7, 2005
4 Star Rating
Yellow-out Clear Acrylic Top Coat
Do all these woman know that this product is a topcoat for ACRYLIC nails???
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Apr 15, 2005
3 Star Rating
My nails were still slighty yellow. It did help a little bit though.
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Feb 3, 2005
1 Star Rating
Yellow Out
I honestly dont see how this product made it to the consumer market. It doesnt work AT ALL. My nails are still yellow and when you go outdoors, you have yellow nails tinted purple! I WOULD NOT recommend this "so called" product to anyone. Its a big waste of money.
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Stockton, California
Nov 12, 2004
4 Star Rating
Yellow Out Rocks! !
I was pleased with the product, although it could be a bit easier to take off but none the less I would order it again with a doubt!
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Melanie Sickel
Jun 29, 2004
3 Star Rating
It Chips Off!
The Yellow Out works only as long as it stays on. The next day after applying the polish, it began to chip off. I dont have time to polish my nails everyday! I even applied a clear top coat, hoping that would help to stop the chipping. And the polish is very hard to remove. I had to soak my nails in remover to get it off. Its to bad. It really does remove the yellow on your nails.
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Mark Mader
Altadena, CA
Jun 22, 2004
3 Star Rating
Interesting Effect.---yellow-out
I tried this product and put it on indoors and it was nice and clear...just on top of my nails. I went outside and my nails were no longer looking like they were coated clear....they were glowing bright PURPLE!! I was not expecting this as I am a man. I was wanting to whiten my nails but was not prepared for PURPLE nails. I took it off immediately and it was a bit hard to get off. My nails looked cleaner and more pink like I was wanting but could not wear the coating out in public as a man. Clear by night and indoors but Flourescent PURPLE in outdoor daylight. Fine for women but be aware that you may want to coordinate your attire to go with Purple nails!! It works though. Its good for women but the ORLY effervescent is the best.
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