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A bitter flavored nail bite deterrent helps break the annoying and painful nail biting habit, allowing for healthy new nail growth.


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Dan Berridge
New England
Nov 24, 2004
1 Star Rating
I noticed that this product was in no way strong enough to stop my nail biting. The taste of this product did not deter me from biting right through it.My problem is that I purchased four bottles becae of reading other reviews, and thinking this was the best product.
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Veronica Johanna Lam Lee
Nov 17, 2004
5 Star Rating
Orly No Bite
Bought Orly No Bite for my 3 year old daughter, and it has made her stop biting her nails. My daughter made me fall on tasting her nails and I understood why she would stop biting them. It works.
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Nov 9, 2004
5 Star Rating
If your male and get over the fact that your applying nail polish this stuff can realy work!Apply it multiple times a day but i didnt have problems when i forgot.Note: if you put it on thick and with the grain of the nail and dont over lap its not noticeable at all but if you do two coats then it has a high gloss effect unless your going for that...
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Nov 9, 2004
4 Star Rating
It Works!
I have been a serious nail biter since i can remember and i finally wanted to stop. i hated it so i purchased this product about 2 weeks ago and my nails are actually growing. The stuff tastes really bad and when you have it on you will not put your mouth anywhere near your fingers. im very happy i found this stuff and this web site.
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Nailbiter Since Child
Nov 8, 2004
4 Star Rating
New Hope For Nail-biters
this product is great!it is much better than other products i used in the past. In 2 weeks my nails are long and looking healthier.
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Aug 7, 2004
5 Star Rating
I have been biting for years. I have tried other stuff to help stop biting but nothing ever really broke my habit. When I purchased this and after reading the reviews, I was "scared" to even bite them for the first day and a half. Finally, the curiosity got to me and i tried to bite. At first the "flavor" was noticeably not good but not really that bad either bad. But then i realized i had to apply it more often - maybe 2-3 times a day. This stuff IS really nasty!!! One suggestion - carry a small nail file to smooth the edges of the nails as they begin to grow out. Otherwise you may find yourself picking at them.
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Norfolk, Va
Jul 6, 2004
5 Star Rating
Tastes Bad, Works Good
We purchased this plish for two of our children. One is a severe nail biter. She bites her nails so far back that they begin to bleed. 5 minutes after the stuff was on she took a chomp and got the taste in her mouth. She hasnt done it since.Our other child is in deed a cronic thumb sucker. We have tried everything to get him to quit. I decided to slather this stuff on his thumb. Boy did he get a surprise when he tried sucking his thumb after that. So far it has worked. With any luck hell enter the second grade an ex thumb sucker.
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Houston, TX
May 7, 2004
5 Star Rating
Ive been looking for a "no nail biting" product that worked. Ive tried other brands, but they just didnt deter me from my constant nail biting. So, I saw this product on the show "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" and thought Id give it a try.OH MY GOODNESS!! This is the most disgusting-tasting nail polish Ive had in my life. I just received it in the mail and was anxious to put it on. After allowing the polish to dry I thought Id give its effectiveness a try. Talk about GROSS!! It has an obscene bitterness to it. Its been about 10 minutes since I first tasted it and I still cant get it out of my mouth. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who has nail-biting issues. Ill guarantee that it will keep your nails out of your mouth.
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Apr 12, 2004
5 Star Rating
This Stuff Really Works
I have tried lots of nail-biting products, but this one tastes SO nasty that it finally broke me of the habit. The mere thought of getting my nails anywhere near my mouth was enough to make me pull my hand away. I highly recommend it.
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