MAVALA Scientifique Nail Hardener

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A true penetrating hardener that works in seconds. Ends splitting, flaking, and breaking.


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Oct 26, 2014
1 Star Rating
I found out this has formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is a product which increase the chance of getting cancer. I WILL NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN, I'M SORRY.
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Gail A.
Apr 13, 2013
1 Star Rating
Dreadful Product
My nails are generally in quite good nick, though they do tend to chip or peel from being brittle in winter, so I thought I'd buy this product to improve their condition as for the most part, it had received some pretty amazing reviews.

It's now one month since I applied this product and I am still suffering from the damage it has caused. I followed the instructions to the letter but as soon as I applied this liquid, my nails became soft and fragile, like something akin to soft paper. They broke off and peeled off all the way down to where they meet the skin, leaving them tender and in appalling condition.

As I note from a previous reviewer, the nails all look like they have lifted from the bed of the fingertips and they have not managed to grow in 4 weeks, due to the fact that they are so damaged, they continue to break or peel off. They look like I have a nail biting problem!

I am seriously unhappy with this product as it clearly contains some terribly strong chemicals in it and there was no warning mentioned that this reaction might occur. I still am completely in the dark as to why this product was so horrible for me yet so many others rave about it so for these reasons, I would do more than not recommend it, I would strongly advise shoppers to stay well away from it!
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Mini M.
Oct 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love It!!!!
this is the only thing that will help my nails---its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Apr 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
It Works!!!!! The Best Thing I Ever Bought!!!
This stuff works!!!!!!!!!! My only regret is not taking before and after photos because my nails were really that bad, they used to split - not so much break but split into layers at the tip and chip off, I tried so many products and this is the only one that works, IT ACTUALLY WORKS... honestly TRY IT, the best $14 I have ever spent, SERIOUSLY TRY IT, I cannot say enough good things about this product.
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Greta K.
United States
Mar 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
This is the most fantastic product out works! With fifty years under my belt, I have had time to try everything out there. It makes soft nails hard, and ends peeling. Finally, I was able to grow longer nails. This is the "shiznit" As for the ingredients being questionable; consider what's in your water, or food before jumping onto the environmentally friendly bandwagon. If used properly, there shouldn't be any problem.
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Jack G.
Jul 7, 2011
1 Star Rating
Warning On Formaldehyde
This product contains formaldehyde that is a known caustic and toxic agent. It burns and drys up your nail surface, providing a false nail hardening feeling, while the nail is in fact damaged and burnt.
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Valerie M.
United States
Jul 5, 2011
4 Star Rating
Nail Hardener Performs
35 years ago I used a similar product and it was amazing. Then I had acrylic nails for 20 years (professional requirement) and was recently able to return to my natural nails. In one week's time I see a significant difference and look forward to the great results I expect. It is so very similar to the original product (name escapes me), but I know already it will provide the same great results.

I searched for several months until I found this product online, and we don't have a local vendor so I ordered it from It arrived in mere days which was another plus.

Thanks, !!
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Andrea J.
United States
May 29, 2011
5 Star Rating
I had this product for such a long time. I didn't even know what it was, it was just always mixed in with my nail polish. I finally decided to use it & I got such wonderful results! I will be purchasing a second one. Some people say it works at the beginning and then it messes up your nails, well I've been using it for over a year & my nails are the healthiest they've ever been. Best nail hardener ever!
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Dec 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Nail Products Ever!!!!
I used Mavala back in the 70s. Had the most beautiful nails I have ever had and the product was pulled from my local retailer because it contains formaldahyde. My nails were long and strong now they are short and brittle and ugly. Now that I have located somewhere to buy this product, I will use it again and I am sure that I will have the same results. You really must use the products as directed in conjunction one with the other to get the desired results. The again everybody's chemistry is different and you might not be able to tolerate the formaldahyde. This could be the problem if you are not acheiving the results you hoped for. Please use all of the products for the best results.
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Apr 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Didn't Get The Results You'd Hope, Please Read This!
Scientifique DOES WORK! It is a nail hardener, not a nutrient. It contains FORMALDEHYDE and likely other drying agents. Therefore, you cannot apply without extreme caution. You must follow the directions! If you didn't obtain results or benefit from using this product, then chuck it up as user impatience and lack of knowledge. Did you misapply it, protect your cuticles, accurately diagnose nail issue(s), massage or cut your cuticle, have a nail moon? Why do I pose these questions? The cuticle contains the root of our live nail. If the live nail or cuticle is damaged and unhealthy the nail will lack the proper nutrient to support growth, be flexible and strong, you must use a combination of Mavala products until the problem(s) is/are corrected. Using the cuticle oil (it's orange and is not nail polish) and the Nutritive nail cream before applying Scientifique and having some patience will eliminate your feelings of you've wasted your money. Afterall, the problem didn't start overnight. First accurately diagnose your nail issues, which oftentimes are multifold before you begin the product selection / bashing. I used Mavala products back in the 90's before it disappeared from the USA retail market with much success. Finally, I made the online purchase because I was tired of having unattractive nails. Additionally, I'm allergic to the adhesive used with acrylics. I have six nails with thick, hard, dry, brittle cuticles; other cuticles normal; 5 nails that are soft, crack, split and peel easily; 4 nails that are seemingly healthy; 1 nail which is hard, brttle and breaks deep into the cuticle. I used to cut and file away my cuticles to make for a perfect manicure, but that would only last a few days at the most. I purchased the Mavala manicure set because it contained Scientifique and products I was running low on. And I thought it offered more bang for buck too--I knew a little Scientifique goes a long way. Week one I tried short cuts, i.e., not using a cuticle oil and applying Scientifique very generously, which resulted in a worsening of my nail conditions, e.g., breaks. Week two, no short cuts. I'm using the aforementioned combination of products and Houston, we have positive results. My nail conditions are changing for the good! I will attempt to upload photos, but I'm not tech savvy.
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