Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment

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Nourish and moisturize your nails with this unique formula.


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Jean Smythe
Jun 12, 2004
5 Star Rating
Excellent Product
I have used this product for years on my cuticles, toenails, heals, etc. Nothing works better, In addition, it works wonderfully on laugh lines,wrinkles and elbows. I have very sensitive skin and it never irritates. One of the most versatile products on the market.
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May 17, 2004
5 Star Rating
My Holy Grail Nail Product
THis is the greatest nail hardner, streghthener, cuticle softner, growth accelorator.... its just a miracle worker it does all that and more . I have been using this for about two months and my hands and nails have never looked better. This is my new staple prodcut.. I hope they never stop making this product and if they do i will stock up for life... give this is try its worth it.
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Washington, DC
Apr 29, 2004
5 Star Rating
Healthy Hoof Is Great
Do you have dry skin? I do! I originally bought Healthy Hoof for my cuticles, which are really dry and unmanagable. I later realized just how great it worked on the tips of my fingers during the winter months, when I tend to get chillblains. Then I was having such a hard time with areas of severe dry skin, especially in the winter, that I started using it on these areas whith great success. No other body cream or lotion has ever worked as well. Im so pleased to find this web site for purchase because it has gotten harder and harder to find it in the pharmacies in my area. You should try this product. It is great!
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Olathe, Colorado
Mar 30, 2004
5 Star Rating
Healthy Hoof Cream
I use this product on my heals and always have the softest heels around. No filing or scraping for me!
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Jamie Harmon
Sep 25, 2003
5 Star Rating
Best Thing Ever
I have Diabetes. I use Healthy Hoof to keep my feet from being dry and calloused; also splitting. It is the best thing I have found on the market. I have been trying to find it locally with no success, and have been out of it for about a month and a half. Meantime my feet have gotten dry, cracked, split and calloused. Strangely enough I do not use it for my nails.
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