Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover

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Gentle to both nails and skin, this acetone-free formula includes aloe vera and conditioners to protect nails while effectively removing nail protein and/or polish.


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New York, NY, United States
Apr 25, 2009
5 Star Rating
Best Nail Polish Remover That I Ever Used
This product is great. It removes polish very quickly and efficiently and is completely non-drying. Its amazing in comparison to everything else that I tried, including the removers with acetone.
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Western PA
Nov 25, 2007
5 Star Rating
A Great Product
Ive used this remover now for over a year and I really love this product. I recently bought a cheaper polish remover and was very disappointed because my nails are now in great shape and the cheaper remover immediately dried them out and left a dry, flakey coating under every nail that would not come off. This remover is so gentle on my nails, and allows me to change polish daily if I wanted to with no problems whatsoever. It never dries your nails out and leaves no residue at all. Altho its a bit expensive for nail polish remover, it lasts a really long time as you only use a small amount which will do at least 2-3 nails. The darker polishes (of course) take a bit more remover; but overall, this works really well. The only con I would say is that the smell is a bit strong; however, its not unbearable.
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Los Angeles, California
Mar 28, 2007
5 Star Rating
An Exceptional Value
This is an excellent product at a price offered by that makes it a GREAT VALUE. I highly recommend this product!
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Washington, DC
Feb 20, 2007
4 Star Rating
A Good Staple
Sometimes I steer away from nailtiques in search of a cheaper or more convenient brand to purchase, but I always keep coming back. Removes heavily pigmented polish quickly and without too much stripping. When Ive finished with removal, I usu rinse the cotton pads in the sink under a stream of water for a few seconds to combat the non-acetone scent, which seems to linger longer than the other brands.
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Oct 15, 2005
4 Star Rating
Great Product. My Nails Are Super Weak And This Product Is Very Gentle.
Its the only product that I can use on my weak weak (and I mean weak) nails. I can actually grow my nails now.
4 out of 4 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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