MAVALA Correcteur for Nail Polish

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For a professional finish to your manicure. A nail polish remover pen that corrects any mistake with the ease and simplicity.


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Tracy Miller
Kasilof, Alaska
Sep 7, 2005
5 Star Rating
I Love This Thing!
I have had an old EpiLady in past years and thought it was good, but this is much better. I bought it for myself for my birthday and would highly recommend it to anyone to is thinking about it. Since I was already use to the tinkle of hair being pulled out, I found this product to much less painful than the old gizmo I had.It takes a couple uses to get all the hair since a few just arent ready to be yanked yet, but it sure beats shaving. I have tried every product on the market cause I hate shaving. The waxes and that honey goo from Australia left bruises on my legs where I have veins more to the surface of the skin, but not quite spider veins. That was ugly and really hurt. Those wax type of products always ended up in the garbage.This product did not leave any bruising, just hairless skin.I cant say enough good stuff about this product and I love waking each morning knowing I dont have to shave again. I do use it on my underarms with no problems.I live in Alaska and so one never knows when shaved legs are needed for shorts on hot days. This summer I found myself always having to shave before getting out the shorts. Next summer I will be ready, sun or not. Im very glad I found this product. Am headed to AZ for vacation Oct and cant wait to wear shorts and NO SHAVING while on vacation.
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North Hollywood, Ca.
Sep 7, 2005
5 Star Rating
I Love This Thing!
Im such a klutz when it comes to putting on my own polish. Ive been looking for a pen for a long time, and this one rocks! I only wish they sold it closer to home. Im the type that wanted everything yesterday, so the delivery took forever.
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Latina Island Girl Olga Lucia
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Jun 29, 2005
5 Star Rating
Better Than White Out!
Works great! I only wish they had one of these for eye makeup and lip color!
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Kristen Elizabeth
Sep 10, 2004
4 Star Rating
Nail Polish; Why Should You Choose N.y.c?
Do you have lots of nail polish you love? Does it take very long to dry? Is the polish worth its cost? Well, read my review where I have tested three polishes and see which one I believe is the best.First of all this was a great deal! This nail polish is not even an entire dollar. Most of the nail polishes from N.Y.C. {brand name of the nail polish I believe was the best} were under one dollar. If you do not like spending much money on nail polish then this would be the best brand to go with. Of course, it was cheap and worked like it should have. Second, do you hate when your nail polish cracks? Well, N.Y.C. does not and after the first few hours it hadn’t even cracked. After about five hours it looked just like it did when I first put it on? The polish started to crack around the middle of the second day. The other two brands I tested {Wet ‘N’ Wild and Petite} started to crack after the first few hours.Third, you only need one coat of nail polish to see it’s true color. The color that I tested was blue and it was a shiny, pastel color. The other brands I tested needed more than one coat. The pink needed about three coats and the purple two. The only thing with the blue is that if you like your nail polish a little darker then you can apply a second coat. Finally, there were a variety of colors. There were lots of blues, pinks, purples, and lots of colors that most people choose. There where more pastel colors than vivid and darker colors. The only disappointing thing was that, I thought, there where to many pinks that looked the same, but I guess that happens with all brands of polish.Over all the polishes I have tested the best choice, as I have said before, would be N.Y.C. This nail polish does not crack easily, has a low cost, variety of colors, and only needs one coat of polish. I think that at least one color would suit everyone. I recommend the blue because it is a pastel color that goes good with just about everything you wear. It also does not look inappropriate with what you wear.Go out and buy a few nail polishes. You never know when you might find a polish that works well for you. Maybe you could even test a few yourself and write a review.
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