Luxor Power-Mag Travel Mirror

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Enjoy the features of this foldable stylish, optical-quality 1X/7X travel mirror. Hinged case opens to reveal a standard makeup mirror on one side opposite a powerful 7-times magnification mirror.


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Mar 25, 2008
5 Star Rating
Travel Mirror
This mirror is just what Ive been looking for. Its a good size for travel. Excellent quality. Very good price. Folicas service is amazing. I order the mirror late Friday afternoon. It arrived at my home Monday afternoon.
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Crowley Lake, CA
Jan 23, 2008
5 Star Rating
Just What I Was Looking For
This is a great travel mirror. Sturdy-It traveled over 7,000 miles on one trip with no signs of wear. Convenient-Pop it open and set it on a flat surface for hands-free makeup application. And large enough to check your hair on the back of your head with the vanity mirror. Value-high quality product at a low price. The magnification was powerful enough to show even the smallest flaw (ouch! :-)) Would definitely buy again.
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San Antonio, Florida
Nov 15, 2007
5 Star Rating
Product Overview
Terrific buy and it answered all my concerns about size and magnification. Also travels well since it is so thin when folded and protects the mirrors.
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A Happy User
Sep 14, 2007
5 Star Rating
Love This Mirror
many years ago my mother gave me one of these mirrors. ever since, i have used it at home and especially when i travel. i love it because it folds up and packs so easily and the quality of the image, regular and magnified, is excellent. recently, it broke and i was so happy to find it after an extensive online search. i bought three for myself and two more for gifts!! i highly recommend this mirror for at home use and for travel.
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Vestavia Hills Alabama
Aug 21, 2007
5 Star Rating
Travel Mirror
I recently broke my travel mirror I had used for 20 years. After searching many local stores I turned to the internet and found your website and a very similar mirror.I ordered two of the Luxor Power-Mag Travel Mirrors #A8579, one and a spare. They are light weight and the perfect travel mirror. I plan to order several more for Christmas gifts. Great price for this quality mirror
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NY Suburbs
Mar 29, 2007
5 Star Rating
Great Travel Mirror
I love this mirror since it is the perfect size to fit in a purse or suitcases. The regular & magified parts are easy to flip back & forth to as well as set on a sink or counter or desk to use anywhere. It is big enough to apply both eye & facial makeup up close or far away. The heavy duty plastic case protects the mirrors from breakage during travel. I had it in my suitcase in between my clothes for padding & it did not break travelling over 3,000 miles. I highly recommend it & it is very affordable. I also bought a hairdryer and love that product. Shipping was fast and efficient.
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Jan 26, 2007
5 Star Rating
Love This Mirror
Finally, a great mirror that lets me tweeze my eyebrows without my reading glasses. Because it folds away neatly, it stays cleaner, too. I highly recommend this nicely priced mirror!
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Evergreen, Colorado
Aug 24, 2006
5 Star Rating
Greatest Travel Mirrow
I bought the mirror to take to France. It was ideal. Lightweight, clear, large enought to be very useful, and stands on its own. Well worth the price.
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Sep 6, 2005
5 Star Rating
Very Good
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