china glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners

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Super Savings on this Clearance item! More than just colors, this professional lacquer with hardeners that promotes healthy nail growth.


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New York
Jul 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Lovely Color. Quick Drying.
Beautiful color. Durable. Does not chip.
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May 9, 2013
2 Star Rating
Kind Of Disappointed
I bought a pack of three polishes which are Nude, Inner Beauty and Silver Lining. The Nude and Inner Beauty are really pale and not opaque at all. I have to apply several layers. They dry super slow and I can still peel the polish after hours of applying it.

The only one that works is Silver Lining 'cause it's basically clear polish with glitters.

I thought China Glaze was better than some cheap brand from drugstores.
Candace C.
Mar 1, 2013
5 Star Rating
I Love It!
I have been wearing China Glaze polish for years now and I love it! I have never had a problem with it and almost always use this polish ( I use OPI also) unless I can't find the color I need. They have such a wide selection! I found it at Ulta a few years ago and bought Ruby Pumps,my favorite color! This is just a really good product. It's long lasting, good color and doesn't thicken up quickly like some other nail polishes do after a time. I have colors from China Glaze that I have had for two years or so that haven't thickened. Other polishes from other companies I have only had for six months and I have had to add a thining product to them. China Glaze is well worth your money!
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Jessica Little
Mar 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
Love Scarlett!!
I bought this polish and it is so beautiful, looks just like an ideal red color. Ive never had a red-type color look good on my tan skin but this is perfect. I dont even need to put a top coat on being that it is already tuff and really shiny.
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San Diego, CA
Mar 3, 2009
4 Star Rating
Wild Thing
First of all, this is NOT the color I expected. I wanted a vibrant red, but none of the swatches looked the right color, so I settled for a deeper red. Dont trust the online colors, go look for yourself at a store, and then buy it cheaper here. With that said, the quality is amazing. Its very high gloss, and dries quickly. It looks great, and is easy to apply. I will definitely buy this in other colors. (But I will look for them in real life before buying them online to avoid color matching frustration)
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Sunnyvale, CA
Jan 6, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Very Best Blue Ever.
I may even try more of their products.
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Jan 1, 2009
5 Star Rating
I got China Glaze Nail Lacquer for my Granny as a Christmas gift and she loved it. She said it was the best she had ever used and that it didnt peel off like other brands. She works with children and washes her hands all day and it stayed on!
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Carmex Lips
Nov 18, 2008
2 Star Rating
Not Up To Expectations
I tried China Glazes Ruby Pumps topped with Lubu Heels upon the prodding of a friend. The color was smashing to look at. But after about 15 minutes, when the polish is quite dry, the shine / glossiness was gone! I asked to top it again with a super gloss, and again after 15 minutes, China Glaze polish seem to be absorbing the gloss and the polish began to look like its been days on my fingers. It looked old. I found their blacks to be a bit on the thin side, their brush is not so easy to use, and you do have to hurry in brushing it on top of your nail since it drips easily as the formula is thin. And also, it doesnt dry very quickly. I was disappointed. But I decided to give it another shot. The same thing happened. I had my nails done professionally, by the way. So, I guess I better stick with SpaRitual.
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Oct 11, 2008
5 Star Rating
I just bought some shocking pink, and it was exactly the color I wanted. I apllied it, and it dried fast,(1-3 minutes) so I was able to put on another coat without it getting goopy at all.
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Chesapeake, Virginia 23321
Jul 1, 2008
5 Star Rating
Best Lacquer Ever!
I have been wearing nail polish for 8 years and each and every brand failed. I literally searched through the Internet and found I use China Glaze as my only brand now. This color works well with people like me with thin and weak nails that are constantly chipping and never grow long, but I used China Glazes Stengthener and Growth Formula as a base coat and this product as a top coat, and I had beautiful, long nails with lacquer that never chipped. I have now been using this product for 2 years now, it hasnt chipped once during that time. I have been using to buy all of my polish, and my packages always come within 3 days, with little shipping and handling expenses. I recommend both Folica and China Glaze to get the best nails possible.
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