Tweezerman Folding Eyelash Comb

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Perfectly spaced, gold plated metal teeth glide through mascara leaving beautifully separated, natural looking lashes. The teeth of the comb fold compactly into the handle for protection.


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Jun 10, 2005
5 Star Rating
It Really Works
The fine toothed, metal tines on this comb work perfectly. The plastic lash comb on the other end of most eyebrow brushes do not work at all. They are not fine or pointy enough to get any mascara clumps off your lashes. Also, this comb closes, covering the pointy tines, so you can store it and travel with it, without worrying about pricking your fingertips.
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Apr 12, 2005
5 Star Rating
Folding Eyelash Comb
This type of eyelash comb are difficult to find. It is perfect for riding your eyelashes of mascara glops and evening out ones lashes. Because it folds it is kept cleaner and easy to slip into a makeup bag.
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Tina Y.
Chicago IL
Dec 24, 2004
5 Star Rating
Does What No Mascara Brush Can -
I had been looking for this tool without knowing it for years! Its invaluable for anyone who wants to look "real" after an overzealous application of mascara without having to start again from scratch. But beyond that emergency situation, the Tweezerman is a handy everyday tool for anyone who uses mascara. It easily separates lashes and "evens out" any mascara application. And its fold into itself design lets you take it with you anywhere. The only caveat- the tines are metal, so dont try to multi-task while using your Tweezerman.
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Massachusetts (Boston Area)
Nov 29, 2004
5 Star Rating
A Necessity For Your Make Up Kit!
I absolutely love this product. What a simple, yet essential for every make up kit! This product says "Goodbye eyelash clumping!"
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Aug 3, 2004
5 Star Rating
Tweezerman Folding Eyelash Comb
High quality eyelash comb that I had been looking for a long time! Much better than a plactic one especially with a folding case.
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