EVE Micro Sonic Care

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The Eve Micro Sonic Care is an amazing in-shower device with 4D effects to stimulate and cleanse the skin while getting rid of unwanted blackheads.


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United States
Oct 11, 2013
3 Star Rating
Great Exfoliation
I use this device three times a day. Once for cleaning in the morning, then to apply moisturiser and foundation and again in the evening to remove everything. I'm currently in a very austere and dusty environment. I was having huge problems with getting what felt like half of Afghanistan off of my face. This powerhouse helps tremendously.

I use my normal cleanser applied to the brush. Then followed by normal routine, then use the sponge attachment. I dot my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with both sunscreen and foundation, then blend it all with the sponge. Looks very smooth--no streaks, no odd patches, nothing but even coverage. At night, I just use this with cleanser. Some problems I was developing, like blackheads, are definitely disappearing much better than with exfoliating cleanser. It is also helping me make sure my skin is well protected from the sun.

My only complaint is battery life. I don't know if I'm having troubles because I use it so much, or the batteries I'm getting are not very good quality/been sitting in a hot container in the sun too long. Could be both. Once I get back to the States, I'll be getting rechargeable batteries.
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