Thicker Fuller Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

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Cleanse while hydrating the hair and scalp with Thicker Fuller Hair Moisturizing Shampoo.


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Sep 23, 2014
1 Star Rating
What Does This Really Do?
Ok so due to medical issues my hair is thinning. I have tried different things over the years in hopes something would help out but to be honest when I saw this I was totally overwhelmed never read any reviews but I figured its a shampoo whats the worst it can do. well I tried it. its been three days from soft silky hair I now have straw that is a mad matted mess. plus I have a perm so it makes it that much worse. I have had to run two coats of conditioner through it with my fingers to get the snarls out. it cleans yes! really good. but it doesn't make my hair any fuller. doesn't plump up my strands one single bit if anything it looks thinner. and feels horrifically dry and icky. I have to say im not impressed I figured id try it for a long run and see if it truly does work. but to be honest there is tons of online home remedies that do more for your hair then this stuff does including coconut oil and henna. not my idea of a thickening helper for people with truly thin hair strands that are thinning on your head.
Karen B.
Nov 23, 2012
1 Star Rating
I Miss The Old Formula
I loved this shampoo when it was the old formula. I think the new product works OK but is too runny. I found myself pouring on more half way through my shampoo because it just dripped out before I could lather it up. I have just finished off the last travel size I had of the old stuff and am now going to have to find another product. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL!
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Wilma J.
Victorville, CA
Nov 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Excellent Shampoo
It leaves my hair clean, shiny and manageable, but never strips the color. I use henna for coloring my hair. The shampoo does leave my hair fuller. I also use the serum and the hair spray which helps make my hair fuller..
Lauri S.
Hubbards, Nova Scotia Canada
Sep 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
This Shampoo Works Perfectly For Thin Fine Hair!
I am hooked and will use it the rest of my life. I have had fine thin hair all my life and although still fine and thin this shampoo makes it look and feel like I have hair!
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Debbie K.
Aug 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
I got more than results on all my hair products and answers and prompt delivery thanks to the group of individuals who sell delicious items..this shampoo is outstanding. Gives body and thickness. You can feel the difference. My answer for anyone in a situation where they "don't know what to do" is
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Jul 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
The Best!
The best shampoo, conditioner and gel that I ever used! My hair is thin and dry. These products make my hair look fuller and healthy! Strongly recommend! I love these products.
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Cheryl C.
United States
Feb 9, 2012
1 Star Rating
Waste Of Money
Horrible product--do not buy it!!!!! I have very fine and thin hair. I tried this and immediately threw it in the trash. In the shower the shampoo matted my hair like it had stripped every essential oil out of it. Then to get the mats out I used the conditioner which made me feel like I had no hair on my head. I immediately used another shampoo and conditioner to remove any trace of this product.
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Tracy H.
Nov 4, 2011
1 Star Rating
Horrible Product
I bought the Moisturizing Shampoo & the Weightless Conditioner and used them for 2 days, now my hair looks like I poured pure grease on my hair. And here I am on day 3 of trying to get my hair back to normal & it STILL looks like I poured grease on my hair. I do not like this product & will NEVER buy it again, it did not deliver any of the results it claimed to. I am so very unhappy about this. My hair looks HORRIBLE!!!!!
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Bev L.
Aug 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
Miss Buying It At The Usual Places I Bought It Earlier.
I liked the shampoo, however cannot find it anywhere anymore.
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Marie M.
Skaneateles NY
Feb 13, 2011
1 Star Rating
Return To The Previous Formula
I hate the new smell and do not notice any improvement from adding caffiene. I am not happy and keep trying other shampoos. I was dedicated to the previous product and disappointed with this new formula. Respectfully, Marie
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