Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Dry Shampoo

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Simply Smooth Xtend Keratin Dry Shampoo is a spray on shampoo that leaves hair feeling water required!


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Kate L.
Jan 24, 2014
1 Star Rating
First of all this stuff turn your head completely white!!! Whiter than Betty White. The white does not brush out... Not even after a day. And, if you try to brush your hair after your brush and everything around you is soooo nasty. the white stuff comes out in clunks all over the place. your hair feels sticky and dirty after using it. This is by far the worst dry shampoo I have ever tried.

 Unfortunately, Folica wont refund it. . . So I will just have to toss it.
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Nov 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
Fave Dry Shampoo So Far!
I've used a handful of different dry shampoos, from higher end salon brands to drugstore. This so far has been my favorite. With most dry shampoos, it leaves my hair feeling heavy or grimy. This one is really light and it smells nice, not overpowering. Really does the job! Only down side is its a little pricey.
1 out of 1 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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