Rev Up Volumizing System by Curly Hair Solutions

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RevUp! Volumizing System adds extreme volume to your hair with the same invigorating energizers that ocean air has on hair.


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Apr 3, 2014
3 Star Rating
I only gave this three stars because I was only moderately happy with half of the package. This comes with shampoo and hair styler spray (?) volumizer (?). Well the shampoo is AWESOME. You only need a dime size and I have LONG hair. It leaves your hair squeeky clean and thank goodness the fragrance (odor) goes down the drain with the suds. My hair feels new after washing. The spray on the other hand STINKS, literally..the fragrance is overbearing and bad on top of it. It stays in your hair! So the stench is always with you until you wash it. If the volumizer was good some people might be willing to tolerate it, but it left my hair feeling DRY and slightly stiff, as if I had used hair spray numerous times without washing it. So, only half of the package rated for me. At that price, I was beyond disappointed. Now, if I can purchase the shampoo alone...we're on to something...
Ashley N.
May 17, 2013
5 Star Rating
My Go To For Fun Sexy Curls! :)
I got this duo in the mini's for samples when it was on promotion. Let me tell you this stuff is amazing!! I have wavy/semi curly hair. I find it hard to style because some areas of my hair will be fight me every step of the way. This gives me insane volume to my thin hair and soft bouncy fun curls! I use mostly the spray. The best part for me is it's so easy that it's effortless. I spray throughout my hair and scrunch. If I want my hair to be super curly I'll spray it when it's wet and scrunch and wait til it's dry and give it a couple extra sprays and scrunch again. I get so many compliments from it! I'm definitely going to purchase when I run out!
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Feb 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Sample I Ever Received
The product is absolutely fabulous: not only does it give great volume, but the curls are both soft and amazing.
Your hair does not feel sticky- and extra spray on non-shampoo days "rev" everything up again
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