L'ANZA Healing Smooth Glossifying Shampoo

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L'ANZA Healing Smooth Glossifying Shampoo provides is a sulfate free shampoo that provides straight, sleek looks by controlling frizz and taming curls.


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May 27, 2013
5 Star Rating
My Favorite Shampoo!
I have been using this shampoo and the accompanying conditioner for several months, now. I have chemically relaxed (smoothened) hair and this shampoo/conditioner duo does an excellent job in extending the time my (otherwise frizzy) hair stays smooth and soft. It is a gentle shampoo and it leaves my hair silky, shiny, and quite healthy-looking. The fragrance is soft and pleasant, not overpowering. I plan to stick with this shampoo/conditioner duo because I like to stay with what really works for me. I do also use Chi Power Plus Priming shampoo a couple times a week to thoroughly cleanse my oily scalp and clarify my hair. It pairs perfectly with the L'Anza Healing Smooth shampoo.
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San Antonio,TX
Mar 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Shampoo
I can't say enough great things about this shampoo. It is the best I have ever used.My stylist gave it to me when he ran out of my usual sulfate free shampoo.It made my hair shiny and soft .I have thick coarse hair and it made it so smooth plus the scent is nice.I get compliments on the scent all the time,it made my hair very touchable now. It is the best out of any regular or sulfate free shampoo.If you have never tried sulfate free shampoo you will love this one and never switch back to your old shampoo.
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