L'ANZA Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo

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L'ANZA Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo is sulfate-free with CP Anti-aging complex to boost strength and elasticity while reducing hair breakage.


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Jul 4, 2014
1 Star Rating
No Thank You!
I have curly dry hair and this is suppose to strengthen it! After using this shampoo my hair felt so dry and crunchy in the shower! I thought the conditioner that goes with this would hopefully give my hair back the moisture but it hardly did. Maybe its just for people that don't have curly or dry hair but this did not cut it for me and its a shame because it was so expensive to boot. The one thing i noticed is that the conditioner bottle is a couple ounces less then the shampoo bottle ; does not make sense since you use more conditioner. I would not recommend to anyone.
Apr 23, 2014
2 Star Rating
Did Nothing
I have pretty dry and relatively brittle, somewhat fine, and very frizzy hair. if you have a similar hair type i wouldn't waste your money. Ive been looking for a good reparative shampoo to counteract my breakage, but this shampoo did the opposite. Based on how many positive reviews there are, I'm sure that it has only to do with hair type. It could have had been a horrible couple of weeks for my hair out of coincidence, but my got very dry and even more brittle than usual.
Feb 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
Wonderful Healing Shampoo
I was looking for some hair care products to help eliminate some frizziness and dryness that my hair was experiencing being that its color treated. This shampoo along with the L'ANZA Healing Strength Manuka Honey Conditioner is amazing!! The lather and smell are wonderful, but the best part is after just 1 or 2 applications I noticed a significant improvement in the frizziness and dryness I had been experiencing. I have been an avid Aveda customer for the past 10 yrs, but I'm definitely going to be trying more of the L'ANZA hair care line!
Jody S.
Sep 14, 2013
5 Star Rating
The "best Stuff" Ever.
I've tried, invested soo much money on product for my hair, I have psoriasis's. This is the ONLY product that works. That Tgel crap stinks so much.
Thank you L'ANZA.
Apr 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Shampoo
This is a great every day shampoo. Also use the conditioner, which is equally excellent. I highly recommend it to keep aging hair from looking like it's aging!
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Karen M.
Feb 27, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Shampoo Ever!
I have used many salon sold shampoos over the years and I must say that this shampoo is the best shampoo I have ever used, seriously! At first, my hair felt very different in its texture and I wasn't sure if I liked it. But now after six months of use (along with the Healing Strength Manuka Honey Conditioner-a must imo) I will not use anything else. I guess all those years, the texture I thought was right, just wasn't! My hair is actually shiny and silky, something I have never experienced. GREAT PRODUCT!!! Btw, I received my products on time with no delays. Very happy with this buying experience.
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San Jose CA
May 15, 2012
5 Star Rating
My hair is frizzy, curly and very dry. I have been using Kerastase for years but wanted to compare this product - I am so glad I did. It leaves my hair clean, and silky and I love the feel of it.
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Leslie K.
United States
Oct 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
Really Does Heal!
My hair had a rough summer - it was breaking badly and not feeling good. I tried the Healing Strength shampoo and conditioner because I have liked other L'Anza products and I was amazed. No broken hair littering the floor after I brush my hair. It tangles less easily and feels like silk. And this stuff smells fabulous too! Total winner! Thank you L'Anza for saving my hair!
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Aug 29, 2011
4 Star Rating
Pretty Good, But Not Sure I Love It...
Was really excited to try this shampoo based on the reviews. Love the smell and the lather, but I feel like it coats my hair. Will use the bottle but not sure I'll order again.
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Julie L.
Las Vegas
Mar 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
Must Try!
I bought this w/ the Kukui nut conditioner and my hair is silky and shiny after washing. I definitely recommend this shampoo!
5 out of 5 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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