Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Color Cream

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Manic Panic Classic Formula Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream is the best of its kind. With 11 colors to choose from, 4 of them black light reflective, Tish and Snooky have got you covered! Well, your hair at least.


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Jul 17, 2012
1 Star Rating
Washes Out Too Quick!
I bleached my bangs last summer & put ultra violet in it. The instructions say to wash it out until the water runs clear & I did that & I had patches of hair that were light blue and some were darker purple. After I got in the shower the next day it was completely faded! I had to re-dye my hair every other day because it washes out really quick!! I wouldn't recommend this item, unless you want to re-dye your hair every other day!
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Jul 10, 2012
5 Star Rating
Lurve This Product
A few months ago I bleached a streak in my faded auburn dyed hair and put electric lizard and shocking blue in it. The colours came out beautifully, and lasted for about a month before I had to re-dye. After sporting my colourful streak for a few months (only had to redye 2 times, also put other colors like pink and violet) I decided to bleach my entire head blonde and put my entire head Atomic Turquoise. Because I had multicolour dyed hair, I had a lot of brassy and uneven spots, but that didn't stop me. After leaving in my dye for about 5 hours (I keep it in long baby) I rinsed it out and was horrified to see that my hair was a mixture of yellow, green and blue. A day after my dye accident I went to Sally's to get a reddish colour by Ion just to cover up the mess I made with my hair. After talking to a consultant though, I decided to redo my hair with a different shade of blue (Voodoo Blue). This time I bought 20 developer by Ion and mixed both of the products together. According to the consultant, to be able to have blue, pinks and purple colours look amazing and how they're SUPPOSED to look, you're supposed to have the lightest shade of blonde (level 10). The woman showed me that some of my hair was at a 10 (the parts that looked nice) but the rest was lower (8 and 7), and those were the parts that were green and yellow. After using the developer (it lightened my brassy parts hehe) and my dye, all my hair was even and a wonderful shade of blue, and is fading extremely slow. I've washed 5 times already and it's only like a shade lighter xD The point: What I'm saying people, it's a MUST, absolute MUST that for many products by manic panic, you have to have level 10 bleached hair, the lightest it can go. If it's 'normal blond' or anything less than almost-white, it's not going to work, and it's going to fade fast. I suggest bleaching your hair 2 times, or once and using a product that reduces brassy tones in your hair (purple shampoo, toner, blahblah) THEN use this dye. If not, you'll get a bad colour. It's not the company's fault that people don't understand that to HAVE certain colours, you need the lightest shade of blonde. I suggest that the people who have a normal blonde or something go with pillarbox red, or a dark blue or purple, not a light colour, you're just asking for an ugly mistake. For people reading these bad reviews and thinking that they shouldn't use this amazing product, understand that many people that put their hair brighter colours don't have the 'ultimate blonde' shade. About 10 people in my school use manic panic and it all looks amazing. Like seriously, I highly recommend, you won't have any problems if you do it right. But yea, it bleeds like a boss. I've ruined like 10 towels in the past 3 months ;-;
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Jun 21, 2012
3 Star Rating
Great Color But Lasts Little Time
I put manic panic in my hair a day or two ago... i mean, it looks amazing in your hair when you first do it and is great for beginners (mwah) But, i went to the pool today and it went from like a magenta reddish (I used rock and roll red) to an orangish color. Also, when you take your first shower with it in your hair it gets EVERYWHERE.
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United States
Jun 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Works great.
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May 22, 2012
1 Star Rating
I had a medium blonde color and dyed it with manic panic's ultra violet and ended up with grey green and blue streaks...Left it in for 2 hours.
May 1, 2012
1 Star Rating
Cotton Candy Pink
Did nothing to my already bleached hair. No color what so ever. Left on hair for the recommended 30 minutes.
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Dec 12, 2011
3 Star Rating
Ok For The Price
This product only lasted a few days which was disappointing. I originally had blue streaks done in a salon which cost $45.00 but it lasted at least 8 weeks. This product was easy to use and the result was good but unfortunately I have to do it weekly to maintain the color. I'd rather do that tho than pay and not spend time in a salon.
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Sep 18, 2011
2 Star Rating
I remember when manic panic first came out. I used it excitedly. It's okay but I've used better. I prefer RAW to manic panic any day. Raw will literally last 6 weeks on my pre lightened hair. With panic panic I give it about 8 days before it's faded. I don't mind fading if it fades decently. RAW generally leaves a nice stain on my hair when it fades. Manic Panic reds turn a horrid brassy orange, purples turn gray, and the blues turn to a sick chlorinated green color. Manic panic also is inadequate when it comes to blending colors and putting various shades and hues of one color in your hair. If you want to go the cheap route go manic panic but in the end you will end up having to touch up your hair more often and in the long run will not be as cost effective as a good demi-permanent like RAW.
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Los Angeles, CA
Apr 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
Used Everything Like It, Nothing Compares
I've used every brand, color, and anything else even almost like it on myself and others. All of it pales in comparison to Manic Panic. The color selection is second to none, and it always delivers-and leaves hair feeling NICE after. It's been around the longest. It's like peanut butter and jelly-you can't go wrong with a classic!
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Mar 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
Asolutely Amazing!
I used Electric Banana and New Rose. It stayed in long, they were vibrant colours, and lasted a long time. Will definitely repurchase this product.
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