clean + Easy Gift Set

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Great value! The clean + Easy Gift Set includes the clean+easy Personal Roll-On Waxer (120 v) and the clean + easy Roll-On Waxer Refill. Get both items ($48.99 value) for $39.99!


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Jul 11, 2014
4 Star Rating
Using This Device For Over A Decade!
I bought this waxer in 2002 for around 20 bucks in the clearance rack and I am still using it today in 2014. The unit works wonderfully. As a matter of fact it is the only cosmetics device I have had that has worked this well for this long. Great results everytime on all ares of unwanted hair. It does take a long time for the wax to warm up (I usually plug it in 30 minutes before I am ready to use it) but I have been using this for over a decade so the timing is something I am used to and doesn't bother me. I haven't had issues finding replacement cartridges on folica, amazon, or ebay over the years. Even the satin smooth cartridges will fit if you warm the wax without the cartridge head. The reason why bought a new one is because over the years the 2002 unit has gotten old and sticky. There is some stubborn wax on the actual unit that I have been unable to remove with lots of oil and elbow grease( but I still have hope that if I try a degreaser or something out of the box it may get if off one day). So I was ready to try a new one. This new unit looks and functions exactly like my old one. Except the older one has that yellow cast that old white plastic gets and shows some old honey wax stuck on it. Everyone knows what hair vs no hair looks like so I decided to post a comparison of my 2002 unit and the one I bought in 2014. I Same device same reliable results. I wanted this review to speak to the longevity of this device.
Dec 9, 2012
4 Star Rating
This Is A Good Waxer
B.D.'s comments are not true.It takes about 45 minutes to heat and stays hot throughout your entire waxing.It works verywell.I've had mine for years.Either her machine is broken or she has a serious electrical problem!
Feb 16, 2012
4 Star Rating
Find A Partner.. excited to finally have my own personal waxer, in the comfort of my home!! I am still getting use to waxing and so I have volunteered my boyfriend to help until I have a little more practice :0)
First, I didn't have any problems with it heating up fast enough (gave it 30 min) nor did I have a problem with the wax getting hot enough. You may have to do it in stages, for example, if you are doing a full body wax, the wax will certainly need time to reheat after taking it off the warmer. I suggest using an oil or lotion to remove all the excess wax off and to soothe soreness afterwards. One other thing to prevent bruising, instead of pulling upwards to remove the paper, try rolling it...not sure if that makes sense but pulling up with force caused a little bruising on my legs but when you pull a bit slower in a rolling motion, it helped!
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B D.
Apr 28, 2011
2 Star Rating
Not The Best.
This product does take about 4 hours to heat up & it works for about half of one of your legs, the wax doesn't stay hot enough to do more than that, and that's with putting it back into the warmer. I rolled the wax on the complete bottom half of my leg and then pulled the hair, while I was doing that I put the wax back in the warmer, when I went to pull it out and use it on the other leg the wax was already hard...I was hoping to to save some money without having to go to the salon for leg waxings, but it looks like I may have wasted my money on this product....Good luck if you purchase it.
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