MiN New York Solution2 Post Shave Treatment Refill

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Refill to MiN New York's best-selling solution for redness, bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs caused by shaving and waxing.


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Kat Patterson
Ann Arbor, MI
Feb 2, 2008
5 Star Rating
This Stuff Rocks!
I have tried everything under the sun to prevent and/or treat ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I have naturally curly hair, and so that means I am plagued with the tendency to get ingrown hairs from shaving (underarms and bikini area, mostly). Solution2 is the greatest stuff ever invented! If I use it immediately after shaving, I never get a single bump! It stings a bit, but I dont mind it. The mint smell is great too! It seems expensive, but it is absolutely worth it. Theres nothing out there like it, so just pay the price for a truly unique and effective product! You wont regret it, plus the refill bottle lasts FOREVER.
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