Nailtiques Cuticle & Skin Gel

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A unique formula enriched with glycerin and aloe to seal in moisture, resulting in soft, smooth skin. It may be used as often as necessary to soften dry skin without softening nails.


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Jan 31, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Product
I abuse my cuticles something terrible. If they feel dry I pick them till they bleed. This gel is awesome. I have been applying it a couple times a day and my hands look better than they have in years!
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Sansmoss N.
United States
Mar 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
What A Find - - My Face, Hands And Cuticles Have Never Looked Better!
I wear this under my foundation after exfoliating . . . works wonderfully for hydrating your skin - especially on the face.

AND, my hands and nails (cuticles) especially have never looked better!
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Aug 12, 2010
4 Star Rating
This made my cuticle skins feel so gooood! :)
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Peachtree City, GA
Nov 3, 2008
5 Star Rating
Can't Sing Enough Praises
Nailtiques Cuticle & Skin Gel is by far the most effective cuticle treatment Ive found. I do so much yard work that even though I use gloves, my hands suffer. Im especially susceptible to rough edges around my cuticles. This product provides immediate relief. Its more like a cream than a gel, and isnt greasy. Daily use ensures success, and I notice immediately when Ive forgotten to apply it the night before. Tip: Prior to rubbing it in completely, I use it to soften my cuticles, then gently push my cuticles back with my fingernail. Voila--instant cuticle rejuvenation!
7 out of 7 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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