T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set

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The T3 Voluminous Hot Roller Set been designed with proprietary Tourmaline technology which emits maximum ionic, infrared heat to safely penetrate the hair shaft, effectively styling the hair from the inside out while sealing the hair cuticle against frizz.


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Aliso Viejo
Jan 5, 2015
1 Star Rating
Poor Quality
I purchased this set about a year ago, paying full price expecting top quality. They break easily, some heat up faster than others because the roller fit into the heating element is inferior.The plastic at each end of the rollers crack and pieces often break off for no apparent reason.

I've purchased replacements hoping that they would be longer lasting. They tend to be the same poor quality. I made the mistake of not filling out the warranty. My vintage Clairol Set to Go hot rollers lasted me 30 years and not one of them have broken. If you want something that stands the test of time, buy something else.
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F. R. S.
United States
Dec 15, 2014
2 Star Rating
Excellent Hot Rollers, But Faulty
The HEATING element of these is excellent, and so is the size of the rollers. HOWEVER -- please be advised that the hot rollers THEMSELVES are faulty in design and often break. It is astonishing because they are very expensive. I have had to replace quite a few. The heat seems to break the elements on the end.

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Oct 1, 2014
4 Star Rating
Gentle Curl
Great travel case and a really nice set of hot rollers to put in carry on luggage. Love the big rollers / heats nicely / like the clips that hold the rollers. One down side only is the front top hair line roller I can never get it to grip tightly because these rollers are slightly heavier than others I have used. I have very frizzy curly hair and these rollers work wonderfully, the best I have found. I did order two extra large rollers so I could section my hair off more than in the video.
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Sep 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Wonderful Hot Rollers
I bought the T3 Hot Rollers, and couldn't be happier with them. I plan to order more of the larger size rollers. They get super hot. I do wish they came with wire clips. I can't get the plastic clips to hold tightly enough. Other than that, they are great!
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Lee T.
Aug 18, 2014
5 Star Rating
I read the reviews of product, lowest first. I don't know if there is a "perfect hot roller set" and have tried many of them, but these are the best of the bunch. The T3 clips are not the best, agreed, but ConairPro clips (come in a package of 10, are super reasonable and widely available are wider and made w/more rigid plastic so they work perfectly with these.) You may want to fiddle with the rollers while on the base or wait longer because once the dot turns white, I have to play hot potato with the curlers because they do indeed get hot and if yours are not, it sounds like they're not connecting to the heating element. I've tried Calista's which so tangled my hair, that I couldn't get them out. The clips on the Chi rollers left a crease/dent/kink where the clip starts. I use a mix of the mostly large and a few small but found that the small cannot be heated on the base that comes w/the large rollers because the prongs will become bent if one size is placed in the base for a different size, so I have the base for the small as well.
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Jun 24, 2014
2 Star Rating
So Disappointed!
I was so anxious to get these rollers. All the reviews talked about how hot they get, some people had to protect their scalp, etc. I was looking for rollers that get super hot, but I found these no hotter than all the other hot rollers I've tried over the years. So I was bummed about that.

Additionally, I only use the larger sized ones (bought extra) and the clips are too small to fit around them properly. So you don't get a good grasp and the rollers flop all over the place and do not hold straight and firmly, especially on the top of my head. So this means that they lay funny and cause a kink in the hair right next to the scalp which ruins your style. After I use the rollers I have to go back and re-blow dry near the scalp to pull my hair straight.

I would return them but I threw away the box. :-(
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May 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best Hot Rollers Out There
I've used hot rollers for 20 years, and used hot rollers daily for 14 of those years. These are the best. They are made of high quality materials, with thick flocking to protect your hair. The base is small and unobtrusive. They get and stay hot, so the effect is long-lasting. I have fine, wavy, collar bone-length hair cut into a bob. I put these in for 10 minutes while I put my make-up on, and my hair looks like I spent 45 minutes doing a perfect blow-out. I skip a day between shampoo and styling and my hair still looks good on my "off" day. I have no complaints at all. The people who left negative reviews just must not know how to put in rollers. There's a diagram on the box.
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Karen M.
Apr 21, 2014
4 Star Rating
Wonderful Curlers
I am really pleased with my T3 Curler Set. I don't particularly like the plastic clips, and wish they would include the wire clips. Luckily, I had some left over from other curler sets. Curlers heat up nicely. Haven't had an issue with that at all. I really like the case. It's perfect for travel, and doesn't get broken. The curlers get hot, but they are gentle on my hair. Love, love, love this set. I also bought these on sale, which makes the whole deal better. Thanks!
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Carol W.
San Clemente, CA
Mar 31, 2014
3 Star Rating
Eight Is Not Enough!
This is my second Hot Roller set in the last few months. I previously bought a Conair 12 roller set, and had just so, so results. The T3 set does seem to be an improvement with better results (longer lasting curls). I only have 2 complaints: #1: The rollers get soooo hot, I have to tuck tissue in between some of the rollers and my scalp, everytime without fail. #2: I wish T3 made a set with more curlers. Eight is not enough for my long hair.
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Mar 5, 2014
5 Star Rating
Worth Every Penny!
Reading the other positive reviews convinced me to give these hot rollers a shot, but I still cannot believe how much better they are than any others I have had. You get smooth, long-lasting curls. I've never had so many compliments. Several people said it looked like I just stepped out of a salon! I am seriously contemplating getting another set.
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