Oscar Blandi Trattamento Di Jasmine Smoothing Hair Treatment

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Oscar Blandi Trattamento Di Jasmine is a weekly treatment that strengthens hair and seals the cuticle to combat frizz.


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Dorothy H.
Jan 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love This Stuff!
this is the best restorative hair product I have ever used.I left on for 15 minutes without using heat and my hair was air dried after.It was soft,shiny and full,not weighed down like some products do.I have a natural wave/curl in my hair and it looked and felt very good air dried with just a small amount of gel added.NO FRIZZ at all.Will purchase this product again.
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Mireille L.
Oct 21, 2010
5 Star Rating
Luxurious Results: Your Hair At Its Best
One of the best hair restorative products I've come across in a very long time, the Oscar Blandi Trattamento Di Jasmine Smoothing Hair Treatment actually does everything it promises, and then some. The treatment's scent is pleasant, rather mild, though there is a hint of salon product in the smell. At a touch, it feels like night cream, so I was a bit wary about using something so thick on my hair. The directions suggest leaving it on for 3 to 15 minutes with a hot, wet towel and a shower cap, but I had neither of those nearby -- and don't own a shower cap at all -- so I played it safe and left the treatment on as you would for a conditioner, for a total of five minutes, then rinsed with cool water as instructed.

That's when I noticed the first difference between the Oscar Blandi Trattamento Smoothing Hair Treatment and almost every other deep consditioning formula I've ever tried. My hiar wasn't weighed down; it felt fuller. As my hair air-dried, it seemed to glow, and then shine. When my hair was finally dry -- though I felt I could have used a hiar dryer without any harm, as this treatment offered protection -- I couldn't stop looking at it and touching it. Rd and gold highlights I hadn't seen in many months were shimmering throughout my hair, and it was incredibly soft, all the way to the ends. Even though I received this as a VIP Reviewer, I'm pretty certain I'll be buying it for myself as soon as I run out of this jar. However, since you use just a little each time, and treat your hair with it just once a week, it could be a while before I get the chance.
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Mar 12, 2009
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Conditioner
this is a great product to use as a moisturizing treatment every once in a while, or every day if your hair is really dry. its the best conditioner ive found when i want to switch it up from pureology.
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