Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme

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Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme is a quick-to-dry whipped souffle that delivers an amazing plump curl and a brilliant shine.


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Nov 20, 2012
3 Star Rating
Between 3 And 4 Stars
I can not say I did not like the product but also can not say I liked it. I have long waive non-colored hair. Applied the product right after the shower into the wet hair. This was my first time using the product so I suspect maybe I did not enough of it. It forms curls during the hair is drying ( did not use a hairdryer ). Curls were perfect next to the ear and neck line but on the top and sides curls were really "trying" to form ( I have layers on the top so I thought it should not be that hard to form curls).Description on the jar stated that it has hold. It does has a very light hold but only for a coupe of hours so will be perfect to use before the date. It is not oily ( which I like). Have not noticed any extra shine. I would recommend to use more of this product with a defuser.
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Traci K.
Jan 11, 2011
2 Star Rating
First off I have tried the stretch creme before when my hair hair was much shorter around the time when I first big chopped. It givave great curl definition, But the only thing is after drying there tons of white flakes every where that just drives me nuts especially when you go in a restroom and see it all over your shirt. So I gave that batch away. So just recently during the bogo sale I thought that I would give it another try. And what do you know same results except not as much curl definition tons of more flakes I guess cause there's more hair now. The smell is very nice I really like that. So maybe I wont give it away this time I won't use this product anymore for wash n go's I just try it for twist out maybe to see if I get better results.
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Ariane R.
Dec 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
My Secret For Defined And Stretched Out Curls!
I love this product! I am a former skeptic turned into a believer, this product will work for women with 4b textured hair. One important thing to note; less is definitely more with this product. If too much product is applied it will lead to flaking. However, overall it left me with more defined, shiny, soft, and more manageable curls!
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New Haven, CT
Nov 22, 2010
5 Star Rating
Light And Fluffy!
I love this product! I have tried many of the Miss Jessies products and Baby Buttercream has been my all time fav until now! The Stretch Silkening Cream
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