Keratin Complex Infusion

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Keratin Complex Infusion is a styling product activated during heat styling. It penetrates hair deeply for repair, revitalization and effective smoothing.


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Joy H.
Harleysville, Pa
Aug 20, 2015
1 Star Rating
Defective Packaging
I found there was no good way to get the product out of the container. Seems like there should be a plastic tube attached to the pump to draw up the product. I poked around inside the container and there was nothing to be found but pink glop. I've read several other reviews stating the same problem.
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Lisa L.
Deerfield, Il
Mar 25, 2014
4 Star Rating
Great Product
I loved the results I got with this product, but the dispensing is annoying. I kept using the pump and nothing came out. Eventually I removed the top and just poured it in my hand to apply to my hair. It was worth it! The other reviewers are correct, this product is great. I have curly/wavy hair that is frizzy. I used it before blow drying my hair and also as a leave in product when I let my hair dry naturally. The optimal result was prior to blow drying. It left my hair silky and smooth even after a little flat ironing. I use the Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner too and that may help. The product wasn't so wonderful when I let my hair dry naturally. I was hoping that it would let my curls shine and not be frizzy. Alas, that is not the effect that i received. I wouldn't recommend this product for that use. Thus it gets four stars instead of five.
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Jun 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
Straight And Shiney!
I bought this product because my hair is thick, curly and frizzy in the humid summer months. The Keratin Infusion made it simple to blow dry straight without the frizz. It also added a beautiful healthy shine. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!
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Veronica M.
Rutledge, PA
Apr 13, 2013
3 Star Rating
Online Directions Say Wait 20 Min?
Package directions do not say wait 20 min & if I did my hair would dry on its own. Am I misunderstanding?
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Apr 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
I have spent great deal of money searching for a product that gets results. I use Keratin Complex Infusion daily and my hair is smooth, shiny, and straitens perfectly with the blow dryer and round brush. No frizz, no fly aways...I love it and nothing else compares!!!
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Patricia S.
United States
Mar 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Excelent Product
I was looking for a product like this. I just get one as this in south america and I couden"t find in the united states.finaly I get this one. is Excelent. my only sugestion is blow dry your hair first and then use flat iron .results are very smooth and shine hair.
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Bloomington, IN
Jan 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
This Product Is Amazing!
I will continue to use Keratin Complex Infusion for as long as I have hair, this stuff is amazing for my hair. It keeps it shining, styled and repaired from all the damage I put my hair through with coloring. This product is worth every penny and then some.
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Kimberly A.
Jan 17, 2013
5 Star Rating
This Cream Is Fantastic
I purchased the Keratin Complex Infusion for my hair. It keeps me from having fly-away hair and also conditions the ends to avoid split ends. It definitely makes my hair more manageable and it smells great, too! I've been using this product for over a year; I first found it at my salon but they stopped carrying it. Thank God for this website!

I have long, wavy hair and it styles perfectly every time with this product! Definitely recommend it!
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Dec 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
So Far So Good!!
My hair has been a life long battle for me. When I finally got it healthy, strong and beautiful I was diagnosed with cancer and immediately began chemotherapy which damaged my hair all over again. Now years have past since I have received chemo and I am once again battling to get my hair back healthy. I have kinky/coarse African American hair and until about six months ago I had been relaxing my hair. The relaxers had seemed to damage my hair much more than they use to so I decided to make the transition to natural hair. I was not bold enough to cut it all off so I have been gradually cutting off the perm. This transition has been a nightmare for me, Flat ironing alone just isn't enough; it never gets straight enough and at the first sign of moisture the afro begins... I have resorted to daily buns and go back and forth about just chopping off all my hair, getting extensions or having a relaxer put in. After reading reviews about this product I decided to try it. I am so happy with the results. My hair is soft, shiny and best of all straight. I have noticed my hair has stopped breaking and now I can wear it down without worries. I have only just begun to use this product but I am excited about adding this as a regular hair care routine.
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Dec 12, 2012
4 Star Rating
Great At Taming Flyaways, But A Little Heavy
I have mixed race hair: Black/Japanese mainly. Some parts of my hair are coarse, and all of it is wavy/curly. I put this product in damp hair before blow-drying it, and it really helps me smooth out my hair before I flat iron it.

The product itself is kind of heavy, so I avoid my roots and focus on the ends, which are the most fried parts of my hair anyway.

This product gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of the stupid packaging. The bottle is now opaque instead of clear. "I can't wait to suddenly run out of product one day, right before a big event," said no one ever.
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