Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray with Age-Control Complex 4 oz.

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Minimize the visible signs of aging with Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray with Age-Control Complex, a supercharged finishing spray with the strength to immediately transform the look of the hair.


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Suzanne S.
Edgewood, WA
Feb 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Instant Moisture Any Time Of Day!
I just bought my second bottle and am happy with the results from it. I gives my hair instant moisture and shine, and I can use it any time of day. Usually, I just use it only once in the morning,after I blow dry. Love it! Plus, it really smells awesomely clean. Lightweight too.
Suzanne S.
Edgewood, WA
Oct 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
My Favorite New Secret Weapon! Love This!
Smells GREAT, gives my hair shine and reduces frizz! Love, love, LOVE this stuff! I got it on a customer rating sale, and gave it a chance. So glad I did! Thanks everyone, for giving it such a high rating and getting my attention! Using it every day after I blow dry, for added protection for my flat iron. Very happy with this product line!
Aug 19, 2012
3 Star Rating
Good But Not Great
This worked well enough but did not have the effect I was anticipating. Definitely helps fight frizz but didn't add as much shine as I had hoped. I much prefer the Alterna Bamboo Kendri Dry Oil Mist to this...that product eliminates frizz, adds briliant shine and does not weigh down your hair.
Mar 28, 2010
5 Star Rating
Nothing Else Like It!
There's nothing else out there like it. At least not that I've tried and I've tried a lot of different products. Most products either don't work or make your hair look and feel greasy or just plain un-natural. I'd love to find something less expensive, though, as I can't afford to buy this on a regular basis :(
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Somewhere, California, USA
Dec 4, 2009
3 Star Rating
Makes Hair Very Soft
I purchased this product about 2 months ago. When your hair is frizzy you'll try anything once and move on, right?. It is true. This spray will soften your hair, make it shiny, etc. for a few minutes after you've sprayed it into your hair but after it dries your hair will return to normal. This is the experience I had with this in my hair. You may find something different but one thing everyone who has used this product has in common is that it does smell very good!
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Nashville, TN
Aug 9, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Best Hair Product Ever Invinted
Spray it on damp & comb through with a wide tooth comb to transform even the dryest hair into radiant silk as it dries. Spray it on dry to tame frizzies & smooth ends throughout the day. Smells good! My fine, thin blonde hair has been bleached & permed 5 times over 3 months time (Im in cosmetology school) and spritzing this on my towel dried hair, then air drying, made my hair feel like silk, look fabulous with high shine & even my regular hair dresser said wow your hair doesnt even feel like it has ever been damaged. I also hate the feeling of having a "coating" from anything on my hair & this is completely weightless. Everyone will think your hair is just naturally that awesome. Worth every penny!
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Jan 6, 2009
5 Star Rating
this product is amazing!!!it locked in moisture making my hair friz free the whole day. and my dull hair is now super shiny!it doesnt weigh ur hair down and u can spray as much as u want. i got a free sample and now i cant wait to get more. it is a little pricy tho..but i think its worth it
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Heidi Campbell
Cape Coral, FL
Dec 5, 2008
5 Star Rating
This Stuff is Amazing! Just Spray on After Styling and even after Hairspray and vola you look awesome. Im 50 and I cant say enough about the way this makes my old colored dryed out mop look!
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Aug 26, 2007
5 Star Rating
Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Rapid Repair Spray With Age-control Complex 4 Oz. Review
Amazing product. I have colored my hair for a very long time and it is dry and had changed from aging but this restored shine and it looks and feels healthy. Really a great product. Wonderful smell and you spray it on dry hair so you can touch up anytime.
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