Alterna Caviar AM/PM Repair Duo

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Alterna Caviar AM/PM Repair Duo provides the AM/PM regimen needed to rehabilitate hair that has suffered severe damage as a result of color, chemical processing or heat styling.


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Cambridge, MA
Dec 31, 2012
5 Star Rating
Terrific Combination!!
I was already a fan of the Caviar line (especially the Moisture Shampoo and Overnight Hair Rescue) when I saw this AM/PM Repair Duo and decided to give the Photo-Age Defense a try. I have tried lots of shine enhancers and UV sprays which make my hair sticky or weighed down, so I was hopeful but skeptical.

(FYI my hair has a tendency toward dry ends and frizziness, the result of aging and low lift semi-permanent hair color used every 6-8 weeks to blend in greys (especially the ones concentrated at the temples/bangs which are very obvious). I used to require daily shampooing due to oily roots, but since going sulfate-free my scalp has normalized allowing me to regularly go a day or two or three between washes.)

The Photo-Age Defense is a light-density, non-sticky gel which as advertised coats the hair and helps improve smoothness. I take between a dime and a quarter size and rub between my palms (it liquifies/disperses instantly) and run my hands through just-shampooed hair as the second step in my routine (after Living Proof's hair primer). Sometimes I stop there and let air dry. Remarkably it does not weigh my hair down and if I scrunch really lets my waves come out; most smoothers I have tried do not do this. Once my hair is dry I can spray some shine spray in my palms and brush them lightly over my hair for enhanced shine, but if skip this step, my hair still looks very presentable. If I decide to blow dry, I can layer any styling product I wish without problem. Since it is winter and I don't get much sun exposure, I cannot tell if the UV protection is helping keep my color from fading, but look forward to evaluating that come summer. In the meantime I appreciate the sleeker hair I have been getting.

The Overnight Hair Rescue is easy to apply as directed to completely dry hair at bedtime, and does not have either of the two problems often associated with overnight treatments, namely causing breakouts and requiring piles of towels and/or a hair cap to keep the bedding clean. I keep it by my bedside and use it a few nights a week (it is so light and non-sticky I do not need to wash my hands afterwards). If money were no object I would use it every night! It is an amazing light-density gel (it feels drier/less wet than the Photo-Age gel if that makes sense) that is absorbed very quickly, is not at all sticky, is not heavily scented and does not interfere with falling asleep--within minutes I forget it is there and in the morning there is no residue on my pillow. When I shampoo it out, my ends are less dry, my hair remains soft, and has improved bounce even if I air dry but especially if I blow dry. Another big plus is that the Overnight Rescue is virtually weightless and does not make my hair greasy, so if I wake up late and do not have time to shampoo, no one will know and I can still look presentable to the world!

Both products are helpful in improving the texture and shine of my fussy shoulder-length hair. Both are light-weight enough not to weigh down my fine hair, and the combo seems to make a difference in the condition of my hair, preserving fullness, reducing flyaways, and using the Photo-Age helps improve smoothness which in turn helps shine. If you have aging, thinning hair like mine, by all means give this duo a try!

In particular I appreciate the reduced cost of the duo and recommend stocking up if/when there is a relevant discount code. Most of the percent off specials on Folica don't apply to Alterna but once in a while there is one that does.
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