LuxorPro Style Stix 7/16" Red

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LuxorPro Style Stix 7/16" Red are perfect for creating medium curls and lift in short to medium length hair! Just roll and twist, no clips or pins needed. These bendable, comfortable Style Stix are ideal for speed setting!


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Sabia L.
United States
Sep 17, 2012
5 Star Rating
Ordered All The Sizes From Folica, And They Work Amazing
Any size of these flexi rods would work great! I have mid back length hair, and I was looking for alternatives to applying heat, I ordered these and no matter which size I used, the all worked, Use them as you would a curling iron, for bigger culrls go for bigger rods, for tighter more spiral go for smaller ones. More hair makes looser wavier curls, less hair for more defined curls.
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Aug 11, 2011
4 Star Rating
Break From The Heat -
I've been using hot tools (curling irons, straightners etc.) and noticed that its been damaging my hair. I got a bunch of fried ends, and split ends as well. After I cut my ends of hair I decided to "take a break from the heat" meaning NO hot tools. Like irons blow dryers or any of that. But i really love my hair curly and sexy. So I went on to see some videos, I over came videos of curling methods without heat what so ever. I decided to try them for myself. So I bought these. See my hair is pass my shoulder by about 2-3inches so I think this size does the trick. When I took a night shower I rolled my hair in these and slept on it. I do sleep messy so I put on a shower cap. When I woke up my hair was curly curly curly. Too curly so I had to brush through it a couple of times with my hands. But after a couple of hours they fell down a little bit more and looked a lot better and looser. Like beach waves. Overall this product works, it does what it says it does, and isnt costly. Although since my hair is quite long I needed 2 packs. Great product I highly recommend!
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