Satin Smooth Nice 'N Neat Single Wax Warmer Kit

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Satin Smooth Nice 'N Neat Single Wax Warmer Kit has everything you need to get started! An innovative waxing system that uses wax-filled cartridges to improve performance and minimize service time.


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Jan 29, 2015
2 Star Rating
Great Kit
Great Kit
Boston, MA
May 11, 2013
1 Star Rating
I was very excited I had found an at-home hair waxing kit, which included a roll-on wax. However, the wax and the preparation kit that came with it, did more damage than good. I followed the instructions and waxed accordingly only to find that a thin layer of my skin came off! I applied aloe vera to get some relief but it had left a darkening area where the skin had peeled off. I had better luck with the store bought roll-or was kit that this one and they were 1/5th of the price I paid for this. I strongly recommend purchasing another kit that this one. You'll save yourself the money and the grief!
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Sep 27, 2012
4 Star Rating
Worth The Money
I was a little bit on the fence about purchasing this kit, but I'm happy I did. If you work carefully, you don't get any mess. It's hard to clean the roller attachments but it comes with three and you can always buy cheap replacements, so it is overall cheaper than getting waxing done professionally if you aren't looking for perfection.
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Feb 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Home Waxing Kit
I purchased this kit and was skeptical. But I have to say that I am so glad that I did this purchase. This kit has paid for itself for waxing at home for my daughter and I. The wax that I used is the Nice N Neat Pink Wax which is great and non irritating. I will be trying Adam & Eve Wax Cartridges, if not I will keep using the pink wax from Folica.
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Feb 7, 2012
1 Star Rating
Messy, Didn't Work Well, Left Bruises On My Inner Thighs!
I was very excited to try this kit. I had been going to a salon for leg waxing, but did my own bikini waxes at home. I decided I wanted to wax my own legs at home also, and wanted to invest in a good kit. I bought this one, which appeared to have the same kind of (orange) wax as my aesthetician used. It seemed pricey, but compared to going to the salon, the investment sounded like a good one.

But the device was a pain to use and did not work well. It took a long time to heat up and the wax did not roll out smoothly or evenly. It was messy and awkward. Then once it got on your skin, it was nearly impossible to remove, even with the oil (forget about getting it off if you run out of the oil). I applied it over and over repeatedly and kept pulling off those strips, but the hair didn't pull out evenly or effectively. Lots of hairs got left behind, even after multiple attempts on the same spot. I wound up using a tweezers to remove many of the straggling hairs. Cleanup after using the device was sticky and messy too.

The worst part was that with all those attempts to get the wax to adhere to the hairs and NOT to adhere to my skin and to get all the hair cleared, I actually developed BRUISES on my inner thighs. They were blotchy and purple and looked like I had been assaulted! I waxed before going to a water park where I would be walking around all day in a bathing suit! I had to cover up with long board shorts because it looked so dreadful!

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Dec 30, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not Sure
I'm still trying to make up my mind up this product. I've only used it once. I tried waxing under my arms. The taffy-like wax was very thick, which made it hard to pull the strips off. I'm going to keep trying it and see if it gets better. In the mean time, where do you get refill waxing strips? I can't seem to find them on this website. All I can find is a kit that comes with applicators and only 20 or so waxing strips.
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May 14, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not What I Expected
I was choosing between this kit and the regular one (which has more reviews, btw). When Nice 'N Neat Kit arrived, I tried it and should say waxing took me a lot of time. The wax can only be cleaned with oil that comes with kit. Roller head clogged and I spent a lot of time cleaning it because as I said above, nothing removes this wax except of the oil. I want to try a regular kit, I am sure that applying wax with wooden applicators is much more easier
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Jan 3, 2011
5 Star Rating
Awesome Home Waxer
I bought this to replace my Clean+easy roll-on wax warmer which is slow to heat up, caked in old wax, and the individual cartridge refills are expensive. This Satin Smooth kit did not disappoint! It heats up much faster and I like that you can control the heat setting so that you can heat the wax up quickly, but then turn the heat down when you're ready to apply the wax to your skin.
The skin care products that come with this kit are nice. The only one I really needed was the wax residue remover, which smells amazing, the others are a nice bonus. It would have been way more useful if an ingrown hair product were included.
What I liked best about using this kit was the cream wax that it came with. It's a great consistency. It's kind of like melted taffy, which I feel makes it less messy than the resin waxes I've used before. It doesn't get stringy. The wax also works with a range of temperatures. When melted to a cooler temperature it looks like it's not going on evenly but once you place a muslin strip over it, the wax squishes into the gaps and ends up removing all the hair. Overall, I'm much happier with this warmer than my old one.
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Chrystal S.
Sep 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
Awesome!!!!!!! Totally an investment! I had hair from He!! and i did this myself and my hair is thinner and the best part is little to no shaving! Even my under arms! it fun, i pop in a movie warm the wax up and wax while watching a movie! the first time took about two hours, you get the hang of it quick!
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Mathy J.
Aug 31, 2010
3 Star Rating
Takes Some Getting Used To.....
I found it was easy to use. The products that came with it were good as well. Only downside is that the was refills run out quick.
Also used the was preparation liquid before had and it peeled off the top layer of the skin, so the areas that weren't peeled off were dry and ashy.
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