Completely Bare Wax Works

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Completely Bare Wax Works is a professional at home wax kit that provides you with everything you need for the ultimate at home wax.


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Jun 8, 2008
3 Star Rating
Not Worth The Price
My first thought after opening the box was this does not look worth the price but i continued on.The dvd would not pay in my dvd player so i played it on my computer.Personally i dont know why they wasted a dvd for the information it gave.Its just a cartoon drawing that you read type step by step thing and its not very detailed.But i did what it said and i put the wax in the wax heater and waited 25 minutes and it was not melted yet so i waited another hour i did the completley prepped and dusted the area with baby powder like it tells you to and i trimmed the area to no longer then 3/4 of an inch and to be honest it did not remove much hair im not happy with this product at all.And its extreamly messy and i cant get it off anything its dripped on.Also where do i get more off the completly off and the completley prepped?It gives no information in the pamphlets it comes with.Ive never tried another at home wax kit so i cant recommend or compare to any of the others.But in my oppinion its definitley not worth the price and its just to much of a hassle.
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