Andrea Tweezeless Wax Facial Hair Remover

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Removes facial hairs for weeks! Tweezeless Wax contains natural beeswax and has no ingredients harmful to normal skin.


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Apr 19, 2007
5 Star Rating
You Have To Buy This
Are you tired of plucking your eyebrows or other facial hairs? Are you paying over $20 just to have your eyebrows and other facial hairs wax. Now, without the wait you can do it yourself. And the best part about it is there are no strips, so you can see exactly what hair you want to take off. This product is easy to use, just heat it up for a couple of seconds and boom wax away.
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Washington DC
Feb 5, 2007
5 Star Rating
Fantastic & Easy Waxing!!!
This product is by far the best I have ever used. After moving to the USA from Australia I needed to find it as I had run out. Finally!!! I had found it on this website and at the best price too. Very easy to use, but I must admit I only use half at a time, heat enough so you can take the wax out & cut in half, that way its less time consuming to heat. Also, I find it easier to heat over a tea candle, that is the small ones you use for burning insence oils.
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Oct 17, 2006
3 Star Rating
Requires some getting used to. Its not like the blue facial wax used in beauty salons (indian wax) which retains moisture and is flexible. This hardens fast and requires some getting used to. Always use as early as you can the day before for it causes skin reddness, and well it sort of burned off some skin too. I dont think its meant for face but if used so just use of chin and side burns dont go near lips... it wont work on fine hairs.
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Waxing Away
Jul 27, 2006
2 Star Rating
Not That Great
Used this once on my face. Directions are not too clear and it is hard to use and pull off once applied. Didnt work too well, either. I will probably never use it again. Its a waste of time.
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Wasted Time Part Ii
Jul 2, 2006
3 Star Rating
Andrea Wax
I bought this because I saw it got great reviews. I bought it like 6 months ago- The wax works ok but the METAL TIN it comes in is terrible- how are you supposed to heat this? (If you bought it you will see what I mean). It was a mess- Dont buy this. There has to be something out there that works just as well and is easier to heat up.
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Feb 10, 2006
3 Star Rating
Not For Beginners.
I had a very hard time with this product,I have never tryed an eyebrow wax.If you know what your doing its great!
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Oct 7, 2005
5 Star Rating
A Must Have
I love this Andrea product. It is easy to use and doesnt take forever to work. it doesnt hurt as much as some waxing products do.
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Sep 8, 2005
5 Star Rating
Great Wax And Easy To Use
this is the best facial wax. have been using it for years but cant find it anywhere except last a really long time for $4.
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