Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer

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Satin Smooth Professional Single Wax Warmer is an exclusive design created for small places and precision heat-up. The thermostat is designed to create an even temperature throughout the day. The state-of-the-art appliance is made with durable housing that will not crack or discolor.


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May 20, 2013
4 Star Rating
Good Warmer, But Needs Some Prodding And Stirring...
This is a good warmer once it melts the block of wax (I use the Satin smooth deluxe cream wax since it's a fairly well-rounded-purpose wax). It takes a little stirring and prodding as I usually set it as high as it will go for thirty-some minutes to melt it entirely. Then letting it cool down a couple notches below the "ready" (as I do my own bikini waxing, and a little more down there..) allowing it to be just the right syrup-y runniness. The wax is a little stringy, but if you are careful to wipe your popsicle sticks, then you've conqured the messy issue! The Satin smooth Almond oil wax remover does a decently good job without irritating my skin (and I have SUPER sensitive, pale skin) and has a nice smell. : ) Follow up with a light, scentless, soaping with cool water and use baby powder *don't use aloe gel down there, it stings, use baby powder to keep it dry/comfortable and wear loose clothing* It is a really good idea to use a protective cover around the rim of this warmer, since strings of wax cannot be completely evaded (let's be honest folks). Be patient and mindful, and the wamer will work for you. : D
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Mar 29, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Warmer!
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