Satin Smooth Calendula Gold Hard Wax

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Formulated with enriched extracts from the Calendula flower and the Tea Tree plant, which calm and soothe the skin and prevent inflammation.


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Mar 30, 2010
2 Star Rating
Not That Good
it takes a looooong time to melt, not easy to apply, and it does contrary to most of the reviews hurt to pull it off, and on top of that it missed too many of the hairs! The worst part--- could not get all the sticky residue off----for days, left my skin irritated and itchy! Yuck, yuck! Would never recommend to anyone.
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Arlington, VA
Feb 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
Hard Wax
OK, my plan was to invest in hard wax (less painful) and a very good melting pot (The Original Melting Pot - worth it) and maintain my bikini myself this year. Keep in mind, I had been shaving every other day for the past few years and we all know what that does. Needless to say, I could barely get the first strip of wax off without wanting to cry. I decided I couldn't give myself that kind of pain so immediately scheduled a Brazilian at the Bliss Spa in DC. I still had a lot of pain even though they use hard wax also but not near as much as it would have been with a sugar based wax. This hard wax doesn't pull at the skin. I did do a touch up a few weeks later using this wax and it worked very well. No complaints. I think it just takes a little more practice on my part with technique. The top will have a hard layer while melting but you can carefully push it down into the melted area and it will finish melting just fine. Don't turn the heat up to melt the top - just be very careful when pushing it down into the remaining wax. You don't want it too hot as it will be soupier. Medium heat on the melting pot worked for me.
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Wichester, VA
Sep 28, 2009
4 Star Rating
Very Easy To Use
Never used hard wax before and this was very easy to use and I had great results. I think it's more time consuming than sugar waxing, but there was less pain and less mess. I highly recomend giving it a try. My only complaints would be a)the smell of this is kind of like hot plastic geting ready to melt and b)it's really hard to get any stray bits off so unless your good at keeping the spread even you'll have a couple stray bits to scrape off with your nails. None of the wax removers I had woudl even soften it. Overall this stuff is an A, if it smelled better I would go A+. good Luck
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Honolulu, HI
Sep 2, 2009
5 Star Rating
Great Bikini Wax
I bought this wax after reading all the reviews and doing some research to ensure I was set to do my own bikini waxes. After over five years of spending over $50 a pop on salon visits, I figured I would give it a try. First off, doing your own bikini waxing is not for the faint of heart. Secondly, I finally figured out the easiest way to do it was to put enough wax on to cover the hair completely in large long rectangular sections rather than small sections. When you do small sections you are just increasing your own discomfort, and it is easier to apply and pull of the wax if it is in larger sections. Definitely purchase some wax remover for any left over residue. I did not but am buying some as soon as possible. Baby oil can help loosen up the wax as well. Overall, a really great product and easy to use!
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Vancouver, Canada
Apr 5, 2009
5 Star Rating
Fantasic Hard Wax!
I purchased the Satin Smooth waxing kit about six months ago, and also picked up the Calendula hard wax and the Cherry hard wax. Both are great, but of the two hard waxes, the Calendula has been my stand-alone favourite!!! I have extremely sensitive skin, and it does my brazilian like a charm. I dust the area to be epilated with some baby powder to ensure that the wax is gripping the HAIRS and not my SKIN. When I remember to do this, it doesnt even hurt. Im one of those people that likes to examine the strips that I pull, to see how much hair I sequestered. The white creamy wax makes it easy to investigate! This wax ALWAYS grabs the roots and doesnt break the hairs off mid-shaft (in which you might as well have just shaved). I love, love, LOVE this product.
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Las Vegas NV
Feb 24, 2009
5 Star Rating
I Am Really Satisfied With This!
I use this product for my legs and my bikini! It is fabulous and it is benefical since I dont have to use wax strips with this wax I just apply the wax let it cool just enough so that it isnt liquid and it easily removes the hair. I wouldnt recommend this wax for the face because it is hard to work with, if your looking for something to use on your face you should use a honey wax. I love this wax!
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New York, NY
Jan 31, 2009
4 Star Rating
Never Going Back To Soft Wax
This stuff is great. It does take longer to heat up than the soft stuff, and once you apply it you have to wait longer for it to harden than you have to wait with soft wax, so in the end your waxing experience takes longer. But, good things take time. This wax hurts a lot less than soft wax and it is much better at ripping the hair out at the root instead of breaking it off at the skin surface.
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Dec 11, 2008
5 Star Rating
Works Great!!!
This was my first time using any sort of home wax other than those small packs that you can get in drugstores. I bought the kit but ordered this wax for bikini area since I read you need hard wax for coarser hair. Since it was my first time using this kind of wax, I wanted to write a review to help those who are in the same boat as they buy this for the first time.I tried on my legs first to get a feel for it. Since you arent supposed to use a strip to take it off, it was tricky to get a hold of the wax to grab and pull and on my legs, hair came off very easy without even having to pull rapidly. I think the wax is very good and even looks more liquid and silky than I remember seeing in salons. As for bikini area, since Id been shaving for so long, the hair was a lot thicker and I am hoping thats why it hurt more than expected this time around. Like before, its very difficult to get the right amount of wax to use so you can grab at the ends before it hardens, which it seems to do rather quickly, but I think thin layer is all you really need since the wax is such great quality. Hope it helps.
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Newbury, Nh
Apr 16, 2008
4 Star Rating
Good Wax, But Be Careful
This wax is awesome, especially for removing really hard-to-remove hair. The only problem is that if you dont get the fabric strip pressed into the wax quickly enough, the wax will dry on its own and is a PAIN to get off, because it will just break off in smaller pieces.
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Mar 25, 2008
4 Star Rating
Does What It Is Supposed To Do
Def. does what it is supposed to do. But very painful in the bikini area but that could be because it was my first waxing in that area, and as we all know skin needs time to toughen up to waxing. I havent used on eyebrows yet, because its very messy and very hard to control when trying to shape. The next step is using it on my legs.
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