Moom Sugaring Hair Removal Introductory Kit

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The original chamomile and sugar based, water soluble hair removal system that leaves your skin hair free and silky smooth for up to 8 weeks.


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Mary Ann Johnson
Oct 14, 2005
3 Star Rating
Hard To Spread
Im not sure if Im using Moom hair removal correctly, but it doesnt seem to remove the hair like I thought it would. Its hard to spread evenly after its warmed, it seems to gum up once it touches the skin.
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Oct 13, 2005
5 Star Rating
Works Very Well!!
I used this product to do my brazilian wax... it worked wonders and actually hurt less than when i have it done at the professional salon. Product worked as stated and although it wasnt totally painless, it did pull the hairs out nicely at the root and left the skin smooth and bare. I am going to buy again! would highly recommend.
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Leslie H
Clarkston, Wa
Sep 21, 2005
4 Star Rating
Face It People. It's Going To Hurt No Matter What!
Ive used Moom a few times now along with other brands of "waxing" and my conclusion? Any time you are ripping out the hairs of any place on your body, its going to hurt. Sorry, no way around it unless you are so drunk and numb that you wouldnt feel a piano dropped on you. It is true that the more you do it the less painful it becomes and less irritation. I do suggest taking a long hot soak before attempting. It helps soften the skin and hair for removal. The thing I like about Moom is that if you chicken out, all it takes is warm water and a wash cloth to get un-stuck. I also really like the re-usable cloth strips. Just soak them in warm water, clean them off and hang them to dry and they are ready to use again. There are a few hairs that are left behind and it is a little messy, like honey, but again, keeping the warm washcloth at hand helps. So you have to decide, as with any waxing kit, is it worth the pain for the so called beauty? In my case, I just didnt want to worry about that swimsuit line. Enjoy
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Sep 8, 2005
5 Star Rating
Moom Sugaring
I will buy this again....
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Washington DC
Sep 8, 2005
5 Star Rating
I have been waxing for 20 years, and have been using the sugar system for at least 6 and I always come back to Moom. When i try another product, it usually is a total failure, while if i switch back to Moom on the same session I have no trouble. I always recommend it to friends who ask. It works great on legs (including knees), for bikini, undear arms as well as eyeborws. it works even if I didnt wax for a long time and hair is long.
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Aug 10, 2005
1 Star Rating
Don't Buy This!
all that bullsh** about it being less painful and reducing skin irritation is just that--bullssh**. dont buy this if you dont want the waxed area to be all red and blotchy and hurt like hell and BLEED.
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Canada, Ontario
Jul 22, 2005
5 Star Rating
This stuff WORKS! and doesnt hurt very much.. like 1/2 second where other products cause a lot of pain. Im serious.. this stuff really works.. Ive boghten so many hair removal kits and none of them work as effectively as MOOM does.. Im so glad I bought it.. it removes all the hair when done properly.. its very easy and lasts for 8 weeks!!!! it works everywhere, bikini, legs, underarms, face, anywhere.. I HIGHLY recommend you buy it.. this stuff is really amazing.. Im soo happy! :)
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K In Nyc
May 4, 2005
4 Star Rating
Great Stuff!
i love this wax....its easy to apply and does a great job of taking care of all the hair in one (rarely two) tries. im extremely hairy with dark hair and havent had a single problem with it. so much easier then having to buy a warming pot....just pop it in the microwave!
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Apr 28, 2005
3 Star Rating
My Experience With Hair Removal Products
I have thick dark hair and its everywhere. Shaving doesnt cut it, because theres a 5 oclock shadown by 2pm. Ill go through the list of things I have used.1) Nair : Dont try it. In a sense it melts the hair off you and it burns and stinks.2) One Touch Electrolysis : Read all directions and comments others had and the hair grew back. You have to stick a thin pen like rod in to the hair shaft. Id hate to know what you would have to do if it broke off by accident in there.3) Epilator : Very painful. A drum spins fast and pulls the hairs out. If you can stand the pain this is a good option.4) MOOM : Works pretty good. It says to warm to 110 I warm it a bit higher and it is hot when you put it on but it is easier to apply this way. Then I wait till it cools down and then apply the cloth and pull very quickly. I then apply the cloth again immediately and pull a second time. This removes most of the remaining. Ive had an entire area cleared on the first try. It hurts for a bit after you rip it off, but itd better then doing 1 hair at a time. The area is pretty red after you are done so make sure you use lotion. Ive always read vitamin E is good and the wife has some so I used that and it prevented breakout. Hot wash cloth to clean up is all that is need.In conclusion MOOM and the epilator (used to get the hairs here and there) are a great combination. Make sure when you use MOOM though your hair is at least 1/4" to 1/2" in length or it wont grab it and it will still hurt when you pull it off.Hope this helps and Ill keep using this stuff till I find a better product or I can afford laser hair removal.
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Moulton, AL
Mar 17, 2005
1 Star Rating
Warning: Do Not Buy This Product!!!!
I bought this product and used it and it broke my face out terribly. It felt like my face was on fire for a week. It left scars like I had been burned. I wouldnt recommend this product to anyone, but if you are foolish enough not to take heed to this warning, then you deserve to have this product.
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