GiGi Keep It Bare for the Body and Legs

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Made with natural fruit enzymes, GiGi Keep It Bare is a natural hair inhibitor to prevent your hair from growing back after any method of body hair removal.


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Oct 20, 2007
2 Star Rating
Smells Awful
I never noticed any change using this. It smells really strong like chemicals.
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Chicago, IL
Oct 11, 2007
2 Star Rating
Not A Great Product
I was extremely dissapointed with this product. After reading the other reviews I was very excited to try it...who wouldnt want hair free legs, etc.? I got a wax and then applied the gel. It had such an awful smell. It basically smells like Nair but you need to use it every day. My sheets smelled from it and my clothes stunk as well. I could NEVER use it and actually go somewhere. You would have to be extremely dedicated and not have an aversion to the smell in order for this to work. The consistency is also not that of a lotion that absorbs is a thicker type gel that I found hard to rub in to a point where no residue was left. Overall a big "thumbs down" for this product.
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Tatyana Shimunova
Oct 9, 2007
5 Star Rating
So Far So Good...
I have light skin and dark hair. Ive used this product for about a week. And after the first application Ive noticed great results. I use it as an after shave after epillating/professional tweazing. It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft. Just follow instructions exactly as stated. Prior, I used the MNY Ingrown hair remover/aftershave for $18.00. Wont go back. This is definately cheaper and better.
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Apr 8, 2007
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product!
First of all, let me say that I have medium colored skin and dark brown hair - and very thick leg hair. Ive never been able to get the smooth, sexy legs that all the models have. Ive tried every razor, but by the end of the day my legs were spiky. The creams only lasted one full day, assuming they were strong enough to remove the hair in the first place. Electrolysis and other laser treatments were too costly, and can leave scars on people with my skin tone. Waxing was my best option, but it would only last a few weeks, and when the hair grew back, it would itch and hurt and I would get tons of ingrown hairs. The day I found this product, that all changed. My results may be atypically successful, but I had to share them. The first time I waxed and used Keep it Bare, I didnt have to worry about my perfectly smooth legs for almost two months, and I noticed that the hair that was growing back was much thinner than before. The second time I waxed and used the product, I wore skirts and swimsuits the whole summer without having to do a thing to my legs. I have used Keep it Bare according to the directions on the box for about a year now, and have hardly any hair on my legs at all. I dont shave, and I rarely have to wax. What an amazing product! I never thought I could get and keep my legs this smooth for so long. Just use Keep it Bare according to the directions, and within a month, youll start to see results. You have to try this miracle product.
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Jeanne J.
Aug 7, 2006
4 Star Rating
Works If You Stick With It
This product effectively inhibits hair growth if you use it consistently and remove the hair at the root ( by waxing or tweezing). At any given time, up to 10% of hair is in a dormant phase. So if you consitently wax and use this product you slow the growth and eventually can stop the growth. I wax the area and then use this product twice a day for 2-4 weeks. Then I let the non-dormant hairs grow out and wax and use Gigi. You will notice significant results in 1-3 months doing using it this way. Depending on the area treated it can take 6 months to a year to inhibit hair and then you only need to use this a couple times a week to prevent regrowth. It is worth it to not have to shave daily.
5 out of 5 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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