Parissa Studio Warm Wax 4 oz.

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Parissa Studio Warm Wax is a microwaveable liquid salon hair remover with premium strips that zips away coarse & stubborn hair.


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Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Horrible Cleanup
I have coarse facial hairs and this product removes the hair (mostly with one pass) every time. I find it affordable because going to the salon cost, if not the same price as this product, at least equal to 2 trips to the salon, and there is enough wax here for several months. My biggest problem with this Parissa Wax product is residue clean up on a surface other than your skin is 98% impossible. DO NOT get this on your floors, counter top, sink, or any other surface you don't want to scrub with a razor blade, and if you spill it on your clothes, might as well toss them. Honestly, I keep both this and moom. I use Parissa when I'm in a hurry (applying larger portions, knowing most likely I'll get all the hairs in one pass) and don't have time to re-pass, and when I'm prepared to be extra careful. I use Moom when I have more time to apply narrower applications to avoid re-passing, or because it's so gentle, I can take the time to re-pass if necessary. Both Parissa, and Moom of my favorite hair removal products and I've tried everything else that's out there, and I wouldn't trade them.
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