Remington Smooth & Silky Face & Body Epilator

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Remington Smooth & Silky Face & Body Epilator features massaging fingers with aloe vera to reduce redness and irritation caused by epilation.


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Sep 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
So Worth It!
My hair grows fast, and it grows in thick and dark. Shaving every day is difficult because I get nasty razor burn no matter what razor or creams I use... My skin is so sensitive. Plus, with the medication I am on, I am not allowed to wax because that could have a bad reaction! So, I purchased this epilator.

I heard that it could be painful, so I went in expecting the worst when I first used it. The first time is probably the worst. I waited until a night where I had an hour to kill (do this before bed, so if you do have a little rosiness from the plucking, it will go away by morning). I just had a beer, put on a TV show, made myself comfortable and epilated my legs. It's not "pain," necessarily... If you're a lady and you're used to plucking out your eyebrows, it's like that-- If you plucked 36 at a time. On your legs. It's somewhat uncomfortable, and a "buzzy" feeling, like you feel it all being plucked out... But that's exactly what it is doing. So don't expect it to be fast, fun and easy hair removal. It takes time, and a little stinging. But I was so happy with the results.

Even though it is uncomfortable, don't zip by too fast, because it will miss hairs! It can only grab so many, so quickly, at a time! Just grin and bear it! I only did a quick shave after for the few missed hairs remaining. I put some lotion on my legs after (this grape seed oil extract stuff I got from Sallie's), then went to bed.

One week later, I had few light hairs that had grown back... Now, with me I usually look fairly stubbly after just one day of not shaving, so this for me was very exciting. My hair now grows in less dark and coarse. It is softer and lighter, and less noticeable when it grows back!

Yes, it stings a little bit. Yes, it takes time (especially your first time). Obviously-- You're ripping hundreds of entire hairs out from under the skin surface... But I am SO happy with the results. The first-time-sting and time putting in is so worth it. My legs don't have nasty razor burn now. They feel smoother-- And no messy, hot wax!

I am extremely satisfied with this epilator. I wish I had started using it years ago, but I am so glad to have discovered it now!
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Jun 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best Epilator Out There!
I've had this for over a year and it's amazing! It hardly hurts (I have an extremely low pain tolerance) I will gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a great epilator for a low price!
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Jun 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
Crazy Good!
This worked like a charm on my coarse hair!
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Jun 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
This worked great!
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Apr 9, 2013
3 Star Rating
Pretty Good
More pain than expected, and it seems to miss some hairs. Took so long the first time I only did the bottom half of my legsâ?¦.could be though b/c it was the first time I did it. I typically have noticeable stubble after shaving within 24 hours. Epilator definitely lasts way longer.
Oct 14, 2012
3 Star Rating
Gives Results, But Not Promising
I do believe that this brand is inferior to Emjoi. I bought this about 4-5 days ago and I can safely say that it does leave hairs behind, as said in plenty reviews about the Remington Silky & Smooth epilator. It does take lots of my hairs, it is time consuming and it is painful but a good distraction helps. ( Music... Screaming words to ease the pain.. It does help. ) I think that the massage brushes don't help much, and the epilator does sometimes go crazy and it starts to run over your legs, breaking off the hair and really just killing you. A lot of times it will stop functioning even if it's fully charged which I thought was weird. But overall, it did do the job, removed the hairs, but be prepared to have to pluck out lots of strays. The epilator did not do a good job on my underarms and left me bleeding and it went haywire just running up and down the underarms. Not pleased with that, as I was looking forward to having nice soft underarms. The detail/precision attachment head also doesn't seem to work at all, as it doesn't remove any hairs because the part of the head that isn't the tweezers touches the skin and the epilator doesn't touch the skin because it's too short? ( can't word correctly, sorry. just skip this part ) I am planning to order the Emjoi Soft Caress Cordless Epilator due to the fact that this one I hear leaves less hair behind, more comfort and is better for the underarms. Overall, yes, it functions, but don't spend $60 when you can buy the Emjoi Soft Caress when you can find it for $40 on plenty of sites.
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Jul 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
Worth The Pain
This is my second epilator. I also have the emjoi light caress corded epilator and between the two I prefer this one. I love that this has two different attachments, one for the face and one for the body. Also, the charge on this lasts quite a long time, I was really surprised.

Also, because the actual "tweezers" on the head are detachable from the rechargeable base, you can actually run it under the faucet to clean it, which makes it very easy.
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