MiN New York Define Shaping Pomade

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Define Shaping Pomade from MiN New York is a reinterpreted classic with its excellent holding and placing attributes and serious shine.


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Roseville, CA
Feb 16, 2010
4 Star Rating
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I use this on a seemingly regular basis. It holds (extremely well), allows for styling, and washes right out. It gives my hair the shine (wet) look I sometimes like. The only draw back is that if I accidentally use too much or if I apply it to too wet hair then it takes longer to get the clumps of hair to separate. So, use sparingly. This product allows to me do different styles with my hair. I find that after applying product to towel dry hair and then waiting till my hair is almost completely dry it gives my hair more of a natural look with less shine (wet) and less clumping of hairs. Make sure to wash it out at night...it will get all over your pillow. If you wash your pillow case everyday - not a problem, but if you don't then the product will transfer to the pillow case. It makes my pillow look gross, but it washes right out. Even a good warm water rinse will do.
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