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Global Keratin Serum is designed to instantly reduce frizz while adding incredible shine.


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Brooklyn, OH
Mar 28, 2016
5 Star Rating
Brings My Hair To Life! Best New Product In My Arsenol! Can't Live W/out It!
I have middle-age, dry, color-treated hair that lost it's shine yrs ago. Many, many products have passed through my vanity, promising smoothness, shininess, softness, frizz prevention, strength; you name it, I've purchased it. Salon recommended this to me last year my I think my jaw dropped when I first tried it. It's that drastic! After washing and blow-drying my hair, it typically looks drab and dull. You can't even detect the all-over highlights in my brunette hair! Well -- let me tell you -- after styling, I now give this magic a couple of squirts into my hand, lightly rub hands together and start spreading throughout my hair, concentrating on the overprocessed blonde sections the most. This stuff gives automatic lustrous color, shine, dimension and touchable softness. It's like getting my hair freshly highlighted every day. You won't believe your eyes! As a bonus, it's smells absolutely wonderful! If you have dry, brittle, drab-colored looking hair, this is a must have!
Nov 6, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Serum Ever Used. It left my Keratin treated hair soft and shiny and like I'd just had a Keratin treatment. Excellent Product.
Poughkeepsie, NY
Aug 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Only Serum I Will Ever Have To Buy
I like so many others have spent a crazy amount of money on different shampoos, conditioners, serums, keratin treatments and so on... I was looking for products to help me keep the results of my keratin treatment for a longer time without having to go to the salon every 3 months. I took the chance on GK and am so glad I did. First of all I love the smell of ALL the products. I get so many compliments on how great I smell even when I donâ??t put anything else on. I use the serum on my hair whether I leave it kinky curly or straight. It helps to tame my curl and keep the frizz down. I still use hair spray because if not I would look like a poodle at the end of the day. I also use the leave in treatment. I wish there was a way people could just feel my hair to see the difference these products make. My hair doesnâ??t have to be crunchy in order to keep in manageable. Itâ??s soft and bouncy, with no frizz or crunch. When it is straight itâ??s everything I want my hair to be. Absolutely worth every penny and worth a try if you have frizzy hair.
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Victoria Z.
Jun 6, 2013
4 Star Rating
This Works.
I have, like many of us, bought lots of different anti frizz serums. This is the best one that I have used so far. It really works. I wonder if I'm the only one, but they all seem to work the first time best. Then after that a little less well, but still it does make my hair smooth and shiney. It has a very strong smell of perfume, which I happen to like, but may not be everyone's cup of tea. Honestly, having no frizz, and having "good hair days", I would trade a lot for this. So, I now won't have to wear so much, or any perfume, because my hair smells so good. The fragrance is not floral but spicy and warm. I don't know if it dissipates after a while or if I'm just getting sensory fatigue and so can't smell it. It's an expensive product, but I do like it and I will buy it again.
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Wendy R.
Sunny State
May 28, 2013
3 Star Rating
It's Okay, I Was Expecting Better
Honestly, for the price of $25 I was expecting better results. The good part is that it doesn't leave you hair oily like other serums! The smell isn't the best, I think it smells like cologne and not a nice one. I have keratin in my hair but this serum doesn't really make a difference. Somewhat disappointed.
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Jan 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best Product I Have Ever Used On My Hair.
I put my hair through so much torture- straightening it, bleaching it, dying it, blow drying it, so my hair is pretty damaged and frizzy. This product, of course, doesn't reverse the damage- it isn't intended to. It instead makes the frizz go away and it really looks like my hair is healthy with this in! My hair feels so light and weightless with it in, as if I had just gotten a haircut. It also smells AMAZING- it reminds me of a mix of vanilla, coconut, and maybe some flower... I'm not sure, but this is the best smelling hair product ever, haha. I first got this when I had the GK treatment done at a salon, but even now when the treatment is gone, it works just as well.
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New York
Aug 3, 2012
3 Star Rating
Very Good Don't Like Fragrance
My hair is naturally curly and frizzy but I do the keratin treatment every 4 months to keep it under control. I used this product only once and it was right after having had a treatment done so the full verdict on this product is still out. However, I can say that this serum is serious stuff. It is very thick but also very silky and, for the one time I used it so far, it works really well as far as shine and keeping away the frizzies. The only thing I do not like about it is its fragrance. It smells like a turned bad perfume...is it possible I got a bottle that was sitting around for a long time or is it just a not nice fragrance?
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Jul 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
Finally Something That Truly Fights Frizz!!!
This stuff is no joke. It actually works. You only need very little. I put one pump while my hair was wet and one pump after hair was dried. Summer here is hot and extremely humid. I also sweat profusely from my scalp, which does not help for transitioning hair. With this and the leave-in cream (see my other review), I don't have to get the keratin treatment. I will have no problem growing my hair out without chopping off my relaxed hair. This stuff would be awesome on curly hair also. It makes your hair so smooth and shiny. Smells good, but the leave-in cream smells better.
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New York
May 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
This Is Amazing!
So, I have Keratin treatment in my hair, and as anyone who gets these knows, after a month or two, it starts to not look quite as good. I was actually thinking recently hat I would have to go and get in done again, even though it's only been 6 weeks since I had it done last. Well, this stuff takes care of that! My hair is back to looking almost like I just had the keratin treatment done! Straight, sooooo shiny and frizz free! (My hair is very fine, naturally curly, and gets very crazy in the humidity). I highly recommend this product!
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May 17, 2012
5 Star Rating
This Is Great Stuff!
My daughter introduced me to this when I was visiting her. I couldn't wait to come home and buy it for myself. It makes my hair smooth and soft. I'm so glad I found this!
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